Energy system operation and management

Research group leaderHenrik W. Bindner

  • This area covers development and analysis of new solutions for management and operation of future distribution power systems with high share of RES and DER.

  • Development of the future system architectures, centralised as well as decentralised, which provide optimal and seamless interaction of all system elements and sub-systems is part of the research area. This includes e.g. agent-based solutions and aggregation.

  • The solutions cover novel ICT implementations combined with innovative market-based designs and new grid management methods.

  • And important aspect is interoperability of communication and services.

  • It covers innovative monitoring, operation and control which enable for example management of grid bottleneck, islanding solutions and microgrids.

  • The research has important interfaces with many of the other groups including research within markets and energy resources, services and control.

Group Members:

Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Henrik W. Bindner Henrik W. BindnerSenior ResearcherDTU Electrical Engineering+45 46 77 50
Daniel Esteban Morales Bondy Daniel Esteban Morales BondyPostdocDTU Electrical Engineering+45 30 13 99
Hanmin Cai Hanmin CaiPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineering+45 93 51 18
Serafym Chyhryn Serafym ChyhrynPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineering+45 53 55 01
Oliver Gehrke Oliver GehrkeSenior ResearcherDTU Electrical Engineering+45 46 77 50
Carsten Heinrich Carsten HeinrichPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineering+45 93 51 18
Kai Heussen Kai HeussenAssistant ProfessorDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 35
Junjie Hu Junjie HuPostdocDTU Electrical Engineering+45 93 51 12
Tue Vissing Jensen Tue Vissing JensenPostdocDTU Electrical
Sergey Klyapovskiy Sergey KlyapovskiyPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineering+45 93 98 86
20 AUGUST 2017