Photo: Joachim Rode
04 JAN

Major theme: A step towards a fossil fuel-free society

Charging time, range and taxes. There are plenty of challenges facing electric vehicles. Nevertheless, the electric car is the only long-term solution if the transport...

Electrotechnology Transport and logistics Energy
04 JAN

Electric vehicle of the future

How will electric vehicles develop? Associate Professor Esben Larsen from DTU Electrical Engineering shares his thoughts on the subject.

Electronics Energy efficiency Energy storage Electricity supply Transport economy Transport models Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Climate adaption
Photo: Joachim Rode
04 JAN

The car will be more than just a means of transport

The Japanese automotive giant Nissan and a team of researchers from DTU Electrical Engineering have become the first in the world to make a mass-produced electric vehicle...

Transport economy Innovation and product development Climate adaption Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Electronics
Foto: Rufus Blas
03 MAR

Når traktorer er førerløse

Nu er det ikke længere nødvendigt at have mennesker bag rattet, når traktoren skal køre halmen i hus. Landbrugsmaskiner kan nemlig køre...

Food, fish and agriculture Robot technology and automation Electronics Transport models

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