HVDC and transmission grids-Photo:Torben Nielsen

Optimized HVDC and transmission grids

The electric power transmission system is experiencing considerable changes due to the establishment of new large renewable energy generation units, many of which are and will be placed offshore.

These units take over the energy production from traditional power plants located closer to the cities. This change requires a restructuring of the transmission grid.

A renewable energy based system also depend on strong interconnections to other countries to ensure stability and optimized economical operation.

Future interconnections will mainly be found offshore and thus kilometres of cable lines must be handled. As a consequence HVDC transmission systems and multi terminal systems connecting more than two grid connection points are needed. 

New transmission hubs will be formed to interconnect large wind farms and future grids. In addition to the structural changes optimization strategies and tools are being developed.

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Selected examples:

Voltage control
Innovative methods for optimal operation of multiple HVDC connections and grids.
energy market data
Optimized utilization of transmission grid capacity - Dynamic rating versus grid performance.
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