Energy Analytics and Markets

Research group leader, Jalal Kazempour

Our Energy Analytics and Markets group focuses on data-driven and market-oriented approaches to power system operation, also in coordination with other energy systems. Strong focus on optimization, control, game theory, machine learning and forecasting for operation, planning and investment applications.

  • The area covers design of electricity markets, socio-economic optimization methods for market analysis and design. 

  • Focus is partly on grid-near market solutions, e.g. innovative markets for distribution grids and distributed energy resources (DER), intra hour markets, market-based handling of bottlenecks and grid losses and partly on long-term energy system analysis e.g. capacity planning and policy/regulation aspects. 

  • The area also covers the interaction between different energy systems.

Group members:

Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Torine Reed Herstad Torine Reed HerstadPhD StudentDTU Wind
Jalal Kazempour Jalal KazempourAssociate Professor, Head of SectionDTU Wind +45 26 35 99
Andrea Gloppen Johnsen Andrea Gloppen JohnsenPhD StudentDTU Wind +47
Yannick Heiser Yannick HeiserPhD StudentDTU Wind
Lesia Mitridati Lesia MitridatiAssistant ProfessorDTU Wind +45 31 96 49
Josefine G. R. Hansen Josefine G. R. HansenAdministrative coordinatorDTU Wind +45 93 51 12
Bennevis Crowley Bennevis CrowleyPhD studentDTU
Thomas Falconer Thomas FalconerPhD studentDTU
Alice Patig Alice PatigPhD StudentDTU
Farzaneh Pourahmadi Farzaneh PourahmadiResearcherDTU
23 JULY 2024