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The yearly meeting place research and development of technology for a sustainable society!

Time: November 29-30th 2018 from 9 to 17

Location: DTU bldg 101 (map)



Sustain is the yearly meeting to get updated on research and development of new technical and scientific solutions for a sustainable society.


Sustain facilitates creation of new activities between researchers, industry and other relevant actors at this yearly recurring summit.

The aim of Sustain is to give you

  • A forum to present your on-going R&D activities and ideas supporting the development of a sustainable society.

  • Overview of the many interlinked activities at universities, industry and the public sector - and a meeting place where you likely will find new collaborators and inspiration for new activities.

  • Update on how to assess and develop sustainable technology given the fast development in the field and ways to assess sustainability

  • Inspiration and locate new collaborators to create new development, research and educational initiatives, as well as student projects testing out the ideas for the future research.

  • An update on funding possibilities and other ways to get support to create new projects


For researchers and PhD students:
A part of Sustain is a peer reviewed conference where

- Participation is free for early bird accepted abstract contributors

- Abstracts are peer reviewed and the book of abstracts indexed by DTUs library


Questions and suggestions are welcome - email


Thu 29 Nov 18 8:00 -
Fri 30 Nov 18 17:00


DTU Nanotech


DTU Bldg 101 and Oticon Salen