Affiliated Professor Willett Kempton holds his inaugural lecture

Monday 11 Jun 18


Chresten Træholt
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 35 18
A warm welcome to Willett Kempton, professor at College of Earth, Ocean and Environment and in the Department of Electrical & Computer Science, University of Delaware.

On Monday 28 May affiliated professor at DTU Elektro Willett Kempton had his inaugural lecture. Following a warm welcome by Kristian Stubkjær Head of Department, DTU Elektro Willett Kempton started his inspiring lecture titled “13 years of offshore wind power studies … leading up to an 8,200 MW build”.

Willett gave a very clear and inspiring 45 minute lecture on the development in the field of wind resources and wind turbine projects in USA and in particular in the eastern states since the start of the new millennium. He highlighted the process and importance of converting numbers of wind resources measured in meter per seconds and power into something more digestible for politicians, high level industrial stakeholders and decision makers.

Years ago the local governments had no idea of the available energy resources in their “back yard” and project proposers were often small companies. Most of the projects were eventually cancelled and conventional coal fired or nuclear power plants prevailed. This has changed.

Today local governments are well aware of the potential of offshore wind as an importance step towards achieving CO2 reduction and project proposers are recognized large players - many of them European.

After the lecture a discussion followed on how important it is that research and decision makers communicate.


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21 FEBRUARY 2020