Record number of visitors at this year's Open House event

Thursday 09 Apr 15
More than 2600 people visited DTU 5 March 2015 at the Open House event setting a new record. People enjoyed a fun afternoon where they could learn how technology is used in every aspect our lives and what study opportunities are offered by DTU

Many people visited the Automation and Control stand, where they could interact with our robots. The Guidebot, Field Robot, underwater hexapod and Playware interactive tiles were some of the displays at the stand. Young students enjoyed driving the Guidebot or the Field Robot, but they were also interested in how everything works and what is the purpose. Many of them were interested in the technology behind our displays and showed interest in working with something similar. Hopefully, they will follow their passion and join DTU in the future.

foto: Helge Svenningsen

Foto: Helge Svenningsen

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