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A showcase of knowledge at DTU Sustain

Thursday 01 Dec 16


Christoffer Greisen
Project manager
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 35 54


Per Bromand Nørgård
Senior Development Engineer
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4546 77 50 68

About EnergyLab Nordhavn

The project “EnergyLab Nordhavn – new urban energy infrastructures” will develop and demonstrate future energy solutions.

The project utilizes Copenhagen’s Nordhavn as a full-scale smart city energy lab and demonstrates how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system.

The project participants are: DTU, City of Copenhagen, CPH City & Port Development, HOFOR, DONG Energy, ABB, Balslev, Danfoss, CleanCharge, METRO THERM, Glen Dimplex and the PowerLab facilities.

The project is supported by EUPD (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme) and runs from 2015-2019.

Learn more about the project:


About Smart Energy Networks

Smart Energy Networks is Denmark’s national public-private partnership for Smart Energy. The network acts as catalyst and initiator of a strengthened strategic agenda for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) that will support energy policy goals as well as attractive and sustainable growth conditions for Danish trades and industries.
The network is supported by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP).

When DTU for the third consecutive year hosted the DTU Sustain Conference on Wednesday 30 November Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) was well represented.

A total of 140 projects and papers were showcased during the conference among them the recently launched ‘recommended actions’ from the Partnership for Smart Energy Networks and a brief introduction to the EnergyLab Nordhavn project. 

The conference is a meeting place for researchers and industry to share knowledge and find new solutions to create new ways forward and therefore an excellent platform for CEE to display some of its many competencies.

Smart Energy Network’s recommended actions
The Danish public-private Partnership for Smart Energy Network’s 15 recommended immediate actions in smart energy research, development and demonstration were presented by Per Nørgård from the Partnership’s Secretary.

The recommendations have been formulated by a broad working group at a series of thematic workshops. The recommendations are formulated in general terms as key areas for establishing a solid basis for the decisions to be taken in the coming years for the best way to become independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

EnergyLab Nordhavn – a cost-effective future smart energy system
EnergyLab Nordhavn is a large-scale integrated research and demonstration project contributing to the grand challenge of transforming the energy system to efficiently integrate a large share of renewable energy. The project results will be based on combining a number of elements established or under establishment in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, one of the largest development districts in Europe.

The project was presented by Christoffer Greisen, Project Manager, CEE, Kristian Honoré, HOFOR and Kyriaki Foteinaki, DTU BYG. With elements in the electrical and heating grids, in the built environment, and involving citizens in the area, the EnergyLab Nordhavn project is well on the way to establish itself as a living laboratory and an environment for strong research-based innovation in smart energy technologies, innovative business models and energy management tools for the future sustainable low-energy city districts.

Learn more about Smart Energy Networks and EnergyLab Nordhavn

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16 OCTOBER 2019