Bastian Epp from HEA participated with a contribution to Prof. Glenis Long.

Acoustics meeting in Montréal

Friday 21 Jun 13


Bastian Epp
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
The Hearing Systems and Acoustic Technology groups were well represented at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics (ICA), that took place from June 2-7 in Montréal, Canada.

The ICA meeting takes place every third year and is probably the largest acoustics conference in the world. All aspects of acoustics were covered, and 13 of our colleagues from DTU Elektro contributed to sessions on architectural acoustics, structural acoustics and vibration, psychological acoustics, physiological acoustics, and speech communication. The presentations were well attended and well received.

Some of the key sessions with contributions from Hearing Systems included topics such as “Array Signal Processing for Three-Dimensional Audio Applications”, “Auditory Feedback in Speech Production”, “Speech Intelligibility”, “Auditory Physiology and Modeling”, and “Binaural Hearing”. Prof. Torsten Dau also co-chaired a well-attended session on “Computational Modeling of Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Models and Applications”.

'Long Career' a contribution to Prof. Glenis Long

The session 'Long carrer of explorations og auditory physiology and psychoacoustics' was
a contribution to Professor Glenis Long(4th from left. Next to her is Bastian Epp from HEA)

Another session was dedicated to Prof. Glenis Long to celebrate her “long” career of explorations of auditory physiology and psychoacoustics, with a contribution of Bastian Epp from the HEA group.

The proceedings of the meeting are freely available online here 

The next ICA meeting will take place in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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