Field Robot Event 2014

World Championship in Field Robots 2014

Friday 27 Jun 14
Four students from the Automation and Control Group participated in this event which took place in Bernburg Germany and was part of the DLG Feldtage 17-19 June 2014

The Field Robot Event is an annual, international competition focused on the use of robots in agriculture, and this year 23 teams from all over Europe participated, from Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, and United Kingdom. This year the event was arranged by the University of Hohenheim, Germany, together with the the DLG.

Our robot this year was called 'Maize Monster' and the team members were the MSc students Christian Møller Mürhøj, Morten Nylin, Jan Lorenz Svensen and Mikkel Magdal Mortensen.

The competition this year consisted of three tasks of increasing difficulties; the first task was to make the robot drive through curved rows of maize plants and turn at the end; the longer your robot could drive within a given time, the better.

The second task was to drive in straight maize rows, but in this task the robot should drive according to a specified drive plan and handle obstacles by driving back through the row.

In task three the curves were again curved, and the robot had to locate yellow golf balls between the plants and then return to their global position with the help from a GPS.

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