Nordic Power Converters from Denmark wins the Nordic Cleantech Open finals of 2015/14

Wednesday 03 Jun 15


Michael A. E. Andersen
Professor, Deputy Head of Department
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 36 01

Nordic Power Converters did it again!

First prize winner of the fourth year of Nordic Cleantech Open is Nordic Power Converters - a spin-off from the Electronics Group at the DTU Electrical Engineering - a company who’s technology cuts the size of a power converters to a fifth and the cost in half while increasing lifespan 2-5 times.

Nordic Power Converters’ first focus will be on better LED power converters, where the products will be on the market by the start of 2016.

Nordic Cleantech Open is a competition that identifie, upgrade, and highlight the 25 best cleantech startups in the Nordics every year.



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