Evening event at Høreforeningen Frederiksberg

Friday 23 Aug 13

One of the most fascinating capabilities of the human hearing system is its ability to seperate sound sources

Ph.D student Simon Krogholt Christiansen will give a talk to the association for the hard of hearing Frederiksberg, den lokale høreforening Frederiksberg, on the human hearing system and how a typical hearing impairment affects the system.

Ph.D student Simon Krogholt Christiansen from the Centre for Applied Hearing Reasearch, CAHR, at DTU will give a talk about his research in human beings ability to separate different sound sources.

Through his talk he will explain the basic functionality of the human hearing system and relate the impaired system and its limited functionality to the normal system. Simon Krogholt Christiansen will also present parts of his own research on human listeners' remarkable ability to segregate concurrent sound sources and give insight to some of the current research activities at CAHR.

The event is open for everybody and registration is not necessary.
The presentation will be in Danish.

Time:Thursday September 5 from 19:00 to 21:00
Location: Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 1. floor, 1903 Frederiksberg C
Organizer: Høreforeningen Frederiksberg Lokalafdeling
E-mail: frederiksberg@hoereforeningen.dk
Telephone: 23
43 68 43

Read more about Simon's Ph.D project here

Photo by Nicolas Le Goff

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22 OCTOBER 2019