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New multidisciplinary advisory service on sustainable energy

Thursday 25 May 17


Henrik W. Bindner
Senior Researcher
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 46 77 50 50


Frida Frost
COO for PowerLabDK
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 36 37


Stine Lykke Wagner
Stakeholder Relations Officer
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 42 23 88 42




Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), and DTU in general, has a long tradition of advising both authorities and industry on scientific matters. In order to accommodate an increasing demand of sustainable energy solutions, we have now established an advisory service called REPLI.

REPLI stands for ‘DTU Renewable Energy Policy, Planning, and Integration Advice Group’ and will serve as a single point of entry to our knowledge, development, and facilities concerning sustainable energy. It is a joint venture between three departments at DTU, which insures an all-round research-based advisory service. This involves anything from mapping of sustainable energy resources all over the world, to planning the integration and operation of the individual country’s energy system - also comprising factors such as security of supply, sustainability, and economy.

Expert advice
The advice group will assist both national and international tasks, although many projects run in correlation with the World Bank and therefore concerns international development projects. In such a case, the World Bank funds the wind turbine installation (or other resource installation) and DTU supplements with knowledge on energy resources and assessments, energy planning, system set-up and control.

“We have the ability to offer a more profound understanding of the development due to our innovative research on sustainable energy. We are experts on sustainable operation and how to analyse and manage these depending on the system architecture and the amount of renewable energy to integrate,” explains Henrik Bindner, Senior Researcher at CEE and PowerLabDK.

Last year, DTU was ranked as Europe’s leading university within energy research – and number two in the world. At the same time, both the World Energy Council and the World Bank have ranked Denmark as the world’s leading nation in sustainable energy supply. With these strengths, the idea behind REPLI is to expand our advisory platform and to pass on our research and experience within sustainable energy.

A beneficial agreement for all parties
REPLI is an open opportunity for international collaboration. The Danish industry has an opportunity to test and sell their products in other countries; national and international governments and authorities – as well as private energy agencies – will benefit from sustainable development; while DTU will gain an extraordinary opportunity to see even more of our knowledge put into practice.

In addition to our knowledge advisory section, we also offer access to a number of unique research facilities, including the PowerLabDK platform.

Facilities that ensure high quality
We offer a wide range of facilities that assures a valid foundation of testing and development of sustainable energy solutions. Our facilities can simulate energy systems in real-time assessments, testing not only the system, but also different components.
At PowerLabDK, we have a small scale distributed energy system in which different control patterns can be tested. We can also test how a specific power system will perform with a higher integration of renewable energy as well as scenarios with and without batteries or with and without diesel generators. This distributed energy system is an exceptional platform in the way it is based on physical components, which implicates more evidence based experience on actual integration and operation of the system.

“With the PowerLabDK facilities as part of REPLI, a unique opportunity to integrate essential technology trends across the energy sector is established. I have no doubt that the mixture of our world-class facilities and our very skilled staff will ensure an intelligent integration of renewable energy that will lead to a sustainable energy solution for the society,” says Frida Frost, COO of PowerLabDK.

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