Guest lecture for the Frederiksberg Hard of Hearing Association

Friday 06 Sep 13

On the evening of September 5th, about 20 people from the Fredriksberg Hard of Hearing Association listened with great interest to a presentation by by PhD student Simon Krogholt Christiansen.

Simon gave a presentation on how the auditory systen works, how a hearing loss is typically measured, and how a hearing loss affects our perception of sound, in particular what consequenses it may have when inner and outer hair cells are damaged.
He furthermore gave an overview of the research activities taking place at the Centre for Applied Hearing research, and our vision to solve the "Coctail Party Problem":
"Why can some people understand speech in a noisy situation while others have major difficulties?
At CAHR we are running multiple smaller research projects that focus on different aspects of hearing and may seem very specialized, but together they try to uncover the Cocktail Party Problem," he explained.

Though the audience had a very different background than the researchers and scientists Simon normally interact with, there was several good questions from the audience and discussions both during and after the lecture.
Both the audience and the organizers from the Hard of Hearing Association expressed their gratitude for the insight into the current research into hearing and hearing impairment, and for the following discussions.

"Thank you for a very interesting evening"
Local member of the association

Organizer: Høreforeningen Frederiksberg Lokalafdeling by local chairman Bolette Østberg


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