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Friday 19 Apr 13


Marton Marschall
Senior Officer
DTU Health Tech
Bringing the new spherical microphone with him, PhD student Marton Marschall is at the moment on an external research stay at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) in Sydney, a part of the newly established Autralian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University.

As part of his PhD, Marton Marschall is working with Dr. Jörg Buchholz on recreating realistic acoustic scenes around a  listener for hearing research and hearing-aid evaluation, using arrays of microphones and loudspeakers.

Thanks to the cooperation with Brüel and Kjær, he has been able to continue his measurements with their newly developed microphone array system on the other side of the globe.  

Relying on the expertise at NAL in hearing assesment, Marton Marschall is also developing methods to evaluate listener performance in virtual environments.

The spherical microphone array consists of 52 individual microphones. Each microphone measures the acoustic environment at a slightly different position.
From these measurements, it is possible to recreate the sound field that was at the position of the sphere.
Photo by Nicolas Le Goff

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