Soren Jorgensen PhD

PhD degree granted to Søren Jørgensen

Wednesday 12 Feb 14


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77

On Thursday January 16 Søren Jørgensen successfully defended his PhD project: “Modeling speech intelligibility based on the signal-to-noise envelope power ratio”

In his PhD project, Søren Jørgensen developed a computational model of speech intelligibility. One key aspect of his model is the use of the signal-to-noise ratio in the envelope domain as the decision metric, applied after some auditory inspired preprocessing of the speech stimuli. According to the external examiners of the project, the most impressive aspect of the thesis was the predictive power of the processing model in comparison to a number of contemporary competitor models, particularly in acoustically challenging conditions with processed noisy speech (e.g. in a reverberant room or through a transmission channel like a mobile phone). The model might also be very useful for the objective evaluation of hearing-aid algorithms with respect to speech intelligibility.

Photo from left: Examiners Professor Martin Cooke, University of the Basque Country, Spain and Professor John Culling, University of Cardiff, Wales congratulates Søren Jørgensen. Behind him Principal supervisor Professor Torsten Dau

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