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Friday 22 Nov 13


James Harte
DTU Health Tech


Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen
Industrial PhD
DTU Health Tech

On the 1st of October the newly formed Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU) has started up at DTU Elektro in building 352 next to the Hearing Systems and Acoustic technology groups.

The unit, which conducts research in the area of technical audiology, is led by James Harte, who comes directly from a position as associate professor of Warwick University, UK.

"This new position is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between university, industry and clinics in Copenhagen, which is quite unique."
James Harte, Head of IRU

The work of the unit will be implemented in specific research projects. For example: Electrophysiology, otoacoustic emissions, wideband tympanometry, auditory models and clinical methods.

"In Denmark we have an advanced research on hearing aids. But we do not have an own research in instrumentation, or test equipment to measure the hearing, for example in children, "says Claus Elberling, senior researcher in William Demant Holding and consultant for the Oticon Foundation, who supports the unit financially.

"For example, a few years ago we had technology transferred from an American university for one of our companies, in order to implement a new method to measure middle ear functions. The underlying research we might just as well had been able to do at a Danish university,” he says.

It is in particular the opportunity to work closely with Hearing Systems, led by Professor Torsten Dau and his team, who got James Harte to accept the offer:

“My work aims to advance the diagnosis of hearing impairment and understand the mechanical and neural damage to hearing physiology that underlies it. This new position is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between university, industry and clinics in Copenhagen, which is quite unique.

It will have implications for how we diagnose hearing problems for both children and adults in the future, and we will be able to improve performance of our diagnostic techniques,” says James Harte, who is going work with Kristian Gøtsche-Rasmussen, Research Engineer, and Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen, Research Audiologist.The group provides open research that all institutions, clinics and companies specializing in hearing can take advantage of.


The William Demant Holding Group operates globally through our three business activities:

Hearing Devices, Diagnostic Instruments and Personal Communication.

The Diagnostic Instrument group has the companies:

Amplivox, Grason-Stadler, Interacoustics, Maico Diagnostics and Micromedical
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Photo from left: Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen, James Harte and Kristian Gøtsche-Rasmussen.


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