Pierre Pinson seminar on Scandinavian electricity market

CEE research group to advice on the Chinese electricity market

Friday 02 Dec 16


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ELMA group:

The Energy Analytics & Markets group (ELMA) covers design of electricity markets, socio-economic optimization methods for market analysis and design.

Focus is partly on grid-near market solutions, e.g. innovative markets for distribution grids and distributed energy resources (DER), intra hour markets, marketbased handling of bottlenecks and grid losses and partly on long-term energy system analysis e.g. capacity planning and policy/regulation aspects.

The group also covers the interaction between different energy systems.

A study tour turned into a great opportunity when Professor Pierre Pinson and members of the Energy Analytics & Markets research group from Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), DTU, visited China to participate in an international conference last month.

Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS) is an international conference which was held in Beijing in fall 2016. This highly visible conference within the international power systems engineering community is a 4-day conference, is held every two years with locations all over the globe. CEE professor, Pierre Pinson, who has attended the conference several times, thought that this time he would bring some members of his research group: Energy Analytics & Markets to share the experience and get good feedback on their recent work and ideas.

From conference to special event

To make the most of their trip to the PMAPS conference in China, Pierre Pinson and his group decided to contact a couple of Chinese universities and was hereby invited to host seminars at both Tsinghua University in Beijing and Zhejiang University in Hangzhuo, which are considered two of the best universities for electrical engineering in China.

"I think it is very exciting because China is a country where things go very fast - and it would be nice to advise them in their process of progress as a representative of Denmark"
Pierre Pinson, Professor at CEE

As a result of their outreach Professor Pierre Pinson was furthermore invited by a colleague from Zhejiang University to give a separate talk, about the electricity market in Scandinavia, at a special event.
To his surprise, the special event turned out to be bigger than expected, and his talk figured as a keynote speech for 200 Chinese electricity market stakeholders, opening a discussion on how to establish an electricity market in the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

Interest in the Danish electricity market

After the event, Pierre Pinson and the members of his research group were invited to a private meeting where stakeholders discussed how to design and regulate the electricity market, which is a new but evolving discussion in China.

The Chinese stakeholders were very interested in the Danish experience and how the Danish and Scandinavian electricity market links to power system operation, new challenges in integrating renewables and running the system in a cost-effective and reliable way.

After the meeting Professor Pierre Pinson was asked to potentially act as an advisor in their transition towards becoming more sustainable in a liberalized market environment. This would be to help them reach an optimal official design and to monitor the market, which CEE has great facilities for in PowerLabDK.

Exactly where this relationship will go, cannot yet be said, but Pierre Pinson is optimistic and looking forward to the collaboration.
Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU is likewise enthusiastic about the collaboration and look forward to the future knowledge sharing.

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17 NOVEMBER 2019