Associate Professor Ole Ravn on TV2 News about killer robots

Thursday 13 Jun 13


Ole Ravn
Professor, Head of Group, Study Line Coordinator Automation and Robot Technology
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 35 60
Listen to and see Associate Professor Ole Ravn from DTU Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control, on TV2 News about the socalled killer robots

The UN is to discuss the future for automatic military robots

Automatic robots going to war on their own shooting at enemies chosen by the robot itself are being tested in many countries right now. Is this for real or is it taken from a horror film, a bad science fiction movie?

The robots have really caused worries among experts, so now the UN will discuss whether to veto the development of these socalled killer robots.

But, as Ole Ravn says, do not panic, this future is far away, the the technology necessary is not there yet, appreciating though the discussion in the UN.

Look at and listen to the video where you can see a rather harmless military robot carrying equipment for the soldiers in an impassable and hostile terrain.

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12 NOVEMBER 2019