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Unleashing potential for future energy solutions

Wednesday 16 Aug 17


Christoffer Greisen
Project manager
DTU Electrical Engineering
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Jeanette Irene Nielsen
Project Developer
DTU Electrical Engineering
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EnergyLab Nordhavn

The project “EnergyLab Nordhavn – new urban energy infrastructures” will develop and demonstrate future energy solutions. The project utilizes Copenhagen’s Nordhavn as a full-scale smart city energy lab and demonstrates how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system. The project participants are: DTU, City of Copenhagen, CPH City & Port Development, HOFOR, Radius, ABB, Balslev, Danfoss, CleanCharge, METRO THERM, Glen Dimplex and the PowerLabDK facilities. The project is supported by EUDP (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme) and runs from 2015-2019.

Monday morning 100 participants from the UNLEASH Innovation Lab met with EnergyLab Nordhavn one of the key projects at Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), DTU Electrical Engineering.

The sun was shining and not a cloud in sight when 100 UNLEASH talents arrived in Nordhavn early in the morning. As a project addressing some of the global sustainability challenges EnergyLab Nordhavn was very pleased to welcome the group focusing on Energy.  


When introducing EnergyLab Nordhavn and the new urban energy infrastructures integrated in parts of Nordhavn a short introduction to both the Copenhagen 2025 Climate Plan as well as overall approach to the development of the Nordhavn area is necessary. Københavns Kommune, Per Boesgaard, Chief Consultant and By & Havn, Rikke Faaborg, Head of Development, respectively, gave a short insight to the thoughts behind.  

After that it turned a bit more technical when Radius, Poul Brath, Lead Strategy Consultant gave a short introduction to the DSO business. Radius, By & Havn, Københavns Kommune as well as Balslev who was also present, are all partners in EnergyLab Nordhavn. Following the presentations it was time for a short tour in the Nordhavn area and a further description of the individual demonstrations going on at the moment. Five stops were planned. One of them was Frihavnstårnet where we explained how intelligent buildings can link the consumer and the energy system.

The tour ended in P-hus Lüders which contains both demonstrations of an integrated battery, EV chargers as well as an excellent view of the whole area including the Copenhagen International School, which also contributes to EnergyLab Nordhavn. Before sending the group off to meet with the Mayor at the Copenhagen City Hall the group had some time to try out the facilities on Konditaget and use some energy.

We hope that the UNLEASH talents had as much fun as we did and was inspired by some of our solutions.

The session was headed by Christoffer Greisen, CEE, Project Manager, EnergyLab Nordhavn. CEEs PowerLabDK facilities plays a significant role in the project designing algorithms for using smart energy components as well as collecting and analyzing data from the demonstrations.

“We are honored that UNLEASH chose EnergyLab Nordhavn for one of their inspirational visits, and we are confident that the talents will come up with solutions that go well beyond our own scope and imagination. We are looking very much forward to learning about the outcome of the SDG Innovation Challenge taking place this week”, says Christoffer Greisen. 

energylab nordhavn unleash


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