Best Paper Award at IGBSG 2018

Wednesday 25 Apr 18


Zhe Zhang
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 34 86


Yudi Xiao
Industrial PhD
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 56 39


Shi You
Senior Researcher
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4561 39 62 66

The Electronics Group were represented by PhD student Kasper Lüthje Jørgensen, PhD student Bainan Sun, and MSc student Peter I. H. Karstensen at the 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid 2018 (IGBSG).

The conference gave good possibility for networking for our 3 participants at the same time as their research was of interest and gave way for discussions with the audience.

Each of our students gave their own presentations during the conference - and Bainan Sun was a stand-in for our Associate Professor Zhe Zhang also presented the paper "New Hybrid Control for Wide input Full-bridge LLC Resonant DC/DC Converter" - the paper that won the "Best Paper Award" at the conference.

The paper was written in collaboration with guest MSc student Yudi Xiao, guest Associate Professor Mao Xingkui - both from Fuzhou University, P.R.C., and Researcher Shi You from CEE at DTU - thruly a world wide collaboration you could say but pt. it is only Mao Xingkui who is now a resident of P.R.C..- and all others are now residents in Denmark - as Yudi will be Research Assistant with the Electronics Group later this month.



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