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Hearing researchers reaching new audiences

Monday 04 May 15


Jeremy Marozeau
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 47 90

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt is the largest business academy in the Region of Southern Denmark and offers 30 higher educational programs aimed at employment in the world of business.
The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing protects the interests of more than 800,000 Danes with sound and hearing disorders.
At Special Center Roskilde professional guidance and rehabilitation is being offered to adults with communication difficulties. This includes difficulties related to hearing, vision, speech and voice.

The Hard of Hearing Association, a Business Academy in Southern Denmark with around 100 students and a Rehabilitation Centre in Roskilde with audience from hospitals, the hearing industry and CI-users, showed interest when two of Hearing Systems’ researchers volunteered for ‘Book a researcher’ during the Festival of Research April 23-25.

“We guys work on modelling the human system in a technical way in the hope of improving hearing aids. You guys help hearing impaired people day in day out and know the practical challenges. I am glad we get to meet,” Christoph Scheidiger, PhD student at Hearing Systems DTU Electrical Engineering said to the audience of the Rehabilitation Centre who listened with interest to his lecture of how the brain may translate speech.

The day before, he talked to around 100 young students at a business academy in Southern Denmark. He enjoyed interacting with the two different audiences:
“It was interesting to give a lecture in both places. In Odense the audience consisted of young people going out to work in technical jobs in the industry. They already have a deep technical knowledge, so my talk was focused on the technical applications of my research. At the Communication Centre I geared my speech towards how the brain may translate speech and how hearing impairment affects these mechanisms,” he explains. In both places he was met with positive feedback.
“It was fantastic to be in touch with a researcher in this way,” one of the attendants at the Rehabilitation Centre said. Also at the business school several students approached Christoph Scheidiger afterwards:
“This was great. I have used speech recognition systems, but before today, I did not know how they work” one said
Another student said he had decided to apply for a Master at DTU Elektro to learn more about acoustics and auditory perception.

Also Jeremy Marozeau, Associate Professor at Hearing Systems, had very positive feedback with his lecture about restoring the ability listening to music for people with Cochlear implants.
A little film showed how difficult it might be listening to different music instruments with CI-electrodes. At the moment it is still not possible to stimulate all 22 electrodes at the same time, but the scientists are working on it. And training can do a lot helping the brain to get used to new impulses. Several people asked questions during the talks and came to the researchers afterwards to discuss a specific topic.
“Normally we researchers are in a ‘scientific bubble’. It has been interesting being challenged to talk to another audience,” Jeremy Marozeau says.

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"Normally we researchers are in a ‘scientific bubble’. It has been interesting being challenged to talk to another audience."
Jeremy Marozeau

About the Festival of Research

As a part of Festival of Research (Forskningens Døgn) the 23-25th of April it has been possible to book a Hearing Systems Researcher. Workplaces, associations, unions, libraries, public institutions, schools, colleges had the chance to book a lecture where the researcher would give a lecture on his or her field of expertise. The Festival of Research offers more than 600 events and talks in Denmark. The aim is to raise awareness and stimulate interest in research in the Danish population, and develop understanding of the importance of research has on society and everyday life. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary is patroness of the Festival of Research

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