Preben Jørgensen ser på poster præsenteret af studerende fra Bæredygtigt Energidesign

Students present roadmaps for a CO2 neutral Denmark in 2050

Tuesday 03 Dec 19

On the 2nd of December, a mini conference took place in the Agora of building 329A. Here, the Sustainable Energy Design bachelor students presented their plans for a CO2 neutral Denmark in 2050. Besides fellow students and teachers, the event hosted researchers and experts within energy systems, who engaged in thoughtful discussions with the students.

The event attendees included the newly appointed Head of Department at Electrical Engineering, Preben Jørgensen. When asked about his impression of the event and the students efforts he said:

“Wonderfully to experience the commitment and the many ideas from the students and not least a positive approach towards that it is possible to manage the necessary reduction of CO2 in proper time.”

The event was part of the DTU course Digital Energy Societies taught by PostDocs Jakob Glarbo Møller and Theis Bo Rasmussen from the Center of Electric Power and Energy (CEE). During the course, the students have learned fundamental concepts within power and energy, gained insight in different electricity generation technologies, and applied digital tools for analysis and visualization of energy related data.

Overblik Atrium postersession Bæredygtigt Energidesign

Preben Jørgensen, Joachim Holbøll og Theis Bo Rasmussen til postersession

Studerende til postersession




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