Meeting at the Danish Embassy of Japan on the 18th October 2017.  From the right: Andreas Thingvad (Research assistant, DTU), Freddy Svane (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark), Mattia Marinelli (Associate professor, DTU), Keigo Ikezoe (Manager, Nissan), Kenta Suzuki (Researcher, Nissan), Antonio Zecchino (PhD student, DTU)

Researchers present new results on electric vehicles integration in Japan

Friday 03 Nov 17
by Rikke Høm Jensen


Mattia Marinelli
Associate Professor, Head of Section
DTU Wind
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The ACES project

A Danish funded research project involving Nissan, Bornholm Energi og Forsyning, NUVVE and DTU Elektro.


The main objective is to holistically investigate technical and economic system benefits and impacts by large scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm, augmented by real usage patterns, grid data and field testing for across continents replicability.


The project was kicked off last April.


Updated project results can be downloaded from the ACES project website: 

On the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Japan and Denmark, researchers from DTU Elektro participating in the research project ACES (Across Continents Electric Vehicles Services) met with partners and several stakeholders in Tokyo to present the newest results. 

Between the 8th and the 12th of October, the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Japan and Denmark was celebrated by the visit of the Danish Royals Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Tokyo.

The week after researchers from Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Elektro Mattia Marinelli, Andreas Thingvad and Antonio Zecchino had an intense week of meetings in order to present and discuss research results on electric vehicles integration in the power system and bring forward the activities planned in the ACES (Across Continents Electric Vehicles Services) project.

Presenting the first results
During the week several discussions took place with the partners from Nissan both in the global headquarter in Yokohama and in the research center in Yokosuka.

The presented results focused on electric vehicle grid service profitability and technical performances based on both recently concluded master projects conducted by DTU students (Andreas Thingvad and Ana Gadea) within ACES as well as scientific results achieved during the recently concluded Danish research project Nikola and the ongoing Danish project Parker and European FP7 ELECTRA [1]-[7].

Assessing Danish solutions in Japan
DTU colleagues along with Nissan manager Keigo Ikezoe and researcher Kenta Suzuki, also visited the Danish Embassy in Tokyo to share with senior investment manager Kensuke Nakajima and ambassador Freddy Svane the results achieved so far and to further discuss how lessons learned in the Danish context can be replicated in the Japanese power system, which will soon become liberalized.

More discussions were also conducted at Tokyo institute of technology with Prof. Muhammad Aziz and colleagues as well as at the headquarter of Toyota Tsusho, which recently expressed interest in entering the EV market.


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