Postdoc Yasser Nour from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering receives one of the two “Young Scientists” prizes from the H. C. Ørsted Society

Friday 24 Aug 18


Yasser Nour
DTU Electrical Engineering
+4545 25 57 18
The H. C. Ørsted Society’s researcher prices are praising the Danish physicist, chemist, and pharmacist Hans Christian Ørsted (1777-1851) – as well as his influence on culture, artists, thinkers, and scientists.

H. C. Ørsted was a man of an inquisitive nature, he was dedicated, and greatly interested in nature – and the H. C. Ørsted Society’s is to work according to H. C. Ørsted’s work and way of thinking within natural science and culture. So the Society is doing this by picking out prize winners whose work can be connected to H. C. Ørsted’s name and life’s work – also in relation to conveying the natural science and culture to people around the world.

The 2018 prizes were presented on the birthday of H. C. Ørsted – 14 August 2018 - to the following persons within the genres mentioned above:

The H. C. Ørsted Researcher Prize of DKK50,000 together with a Butterly statue of silver and enamel on a elm wood base made by Sabine Majus Hansen from Langeland was presented to Peter Chr. Kjærgaard Vesborg, Associate Professor at DTU Physics at the Technical University of Denmark for his internationally acknowledged research on catalysis and artificial photosynthesis as well as his ability to convey his research and to take it onto a broader perspective.


The two H. C. Ørsted prizes for “Young Scientists” were given as incentive to continue their excellent research work – each getting a prize of DKK10,000 with a diploma:

- Alexandros Iosifidis, Assistant Professor at the Department of Engineering, Signal Processing, at Aarhus University, for his research on signal processing, and

- Yasser Nour, Postdoc at the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark for his research on power electronics/IC design.

Yasser has made very promising research work in the field of power supplies and integrated circuits throughout his PhD studies.

Yasser’s research work included switch-mode and resonant power supply topologies, high voltage integrated circuits design, wide band-gap materials based power device characterization, and power supplies integration.

And four scholarships each of DKK50,000 for studying abroad were handed out on 14 August 2018:

- Two scholarships within natural science:

• to Nicolai Ree, student at the Nano Science Center at the University of Copenhagen, going to the Center of Chemistry and Biochemistry ved University of Lisbon,

• and to Sidra Rafique, student at the DTU Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, going to Boston University Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering.

- Two scholarships within the liberal arts:

• to Esther Michelsen Kjeldahl, student at the Philosophy Section at the Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication at the University of Copenhagen going to London School of Economics and Political Science,

• and to Gabriella Laugesen, student at the Studies of Asia at the Aarhus University going to East China Normal University in Shanghai.


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