CAMM attend the 2nd workshop on optimization in Korea

Wednesday 28 Oct 15





 photos: Jakob Søndergaard Jensen & Junghwan Kook

The Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems (CAMM) participated in the 2nd workshop on optimization on 21st - 23rd October .


"The scientific outcome may lead to new joint projects in various areas of acoustics, metamaterials and optimization"
Jakob Søndergaard Jensen

The trip was arranged by Kaist University and included participants from Kaist, Dalian University of Technology and DTU's departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The DTU delegation, consisting of Jakob Søndergaard Jensen and Junghwan Kook, also visited KIMM: Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, including their new CAMM centre: Centre for Advanced Meta Materials.  A meeting with double degree candidate, Miseong Kim and her supervisors was also set up.   

One of CAMM's focus areas is optimization, and the purpose of the participation in the workshop was to extend possible collaborations with KAIST. The visit to KIMM was to pave the way for possible collaborations in the area of acoustics and optimization of meta materials.

On the last day of the workshop, the CAMM members went on an additional tour to KIMM, where they had the opportunity to ride the Maglev; a magnetic levitation train. They also visited Hanon Systems, which is a Danfoss sized world-leading company for ventilation and air condition systems for cars.      

Jakob summarises .."the trip was very rewarding in many ways and the scientific outcome may lead to new joint projects in various areas of acoustics, metamaterials and optimization.  

We were met with extreme and great hospitality.  The catering was excellent and we enjoyed some of the local specialities including Korean barbeque and bibimbap; a signiture Korean dish and..... "those of us not already specialists became quite proficient in chopstick usage and low-table dining" finishes Jakob.  










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