16 AUG

Grid Integrated Electric Vehicle seminar – Concluding the Nikola project

8 th of June Risø hosted a seminar marking the end of the Nikola project. The seminar was attended by a hundred participants including representatives from seven different...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy systems Energy Electricity supply Energy production
30 JUN

DTU is Europe's Leading Technical University in the Energy Sector

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has recently been ranked as number 2 in the world and number one among the European universities in the category Energy Science and...

23 JUN

New test centre to strengthen energy technology exports

When the test and development centre PowerLabDK at DTU opens its doors today, 23 June, three new laboratories will be inaugurated, which will focus on the energy sector...

21 JUN

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Find vej

Der er to dage til åbningen af PowerLabDK. Vi glæder os. Herunder kan du få hjælp til at finde vej.

15 JUN

EcoGrid wins sustainability prize

Last night EcoGrid EU won the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Award 2016 as the best energy project with consumers in Europe. The project won after rigorous review of...

Electrotechnology Energy
14 JUN

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Sidste chance for tilmelding og detaljeret program

Husk at tilmelde dig indvielsen af PowerLabDK den 23. juni, hvis du vil mærke, høre og se, hvordan vi kan hjælpe din virksomhed med tests, udvikling og demonstration af...

Energy Electrotechnology
10 JUN

Solar and wind power on cruise control

In the infancy of the electricity grid, there was a need for systems capable of maintaining a stable voltage level and for the availability of additional power in the event...

Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy systems Power stations Wind energy
09 JUN

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Læs om alt det nye og se programmet

Det nye PowerLabDK har fået et elbillaboratorium til systemintegration af elbiler og huser nu verdens største forstærker af sin art, som kan benyttes til performancetests...

02 JUN

Pierre Pinson visits Ecole Normale Superieure in Rennes

Pierre Pinson from Centre for Electric Power and Energy (Energy Analytics & Markets group, ELMA) is a Visiting Professor at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Rennes (ENS...

27 MAY

Grand Opening af PowerLabDK - Se hvad der sker på dagen

Det er med stor glæde, at vi nu kan afsløre de første bidder af programmet for indvielsen af PowerLabDK. Dagen er spækket med fagligt inspirerende indslag, der i praksis...

17 MAY

DTU Summer School 2016 at CEE

Europe has set ambitious targets for renewable energy. Several European countries are already nearing the 2050 goal of 50% penetration. With greater reliance on renewable...

11 MAY

Grand Opening of the new PowerLabDK

You are hereby invited to the Grand Opening of the new and finalized PowerLabDK experimental facilities 23th June 2016 at Technical University of Denmark. 

Foto: Thorkild Christensen
15 APR

DTU presents innovative energy solutions to Chinese minister

Friday, the Chinese Minister for Science and Technology visited DTU and was, among other things, introduced to PowerLabDK and the newly opened ‘Miljøtek’.

11 APR

EcoGrid 2.0 Kick-off - Flexibility for users is key to succes

The EcoGrid 2.0 project's vision is to develop, test and demonstrate an electricity market for flexibility, that meets the customers' daily needs and make it easy to choose...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems Wind energy Solar energy Electrical engineering
08 APR

Batman and Robin visit the Acoustic Laboratories

DR3 "Mord på film" hosts, Sigurd Kongshøj and Stefan "Snake" Knudsen take a closer look at Batman and Robins glass shattering stunt to test whether it really is possible...

Electrotechnology Sound
07 APR

The beginning of commercial quantum technology

So far, quantum physics has mainly been a theoretical discipline. Now, a major EURO 10,7 million investment by Innovation Fund Denmark will further develop the mysterious...

Physics Quantum theory and atomic physics Sensors Systems and data security Health and diseases
06 APR



04 APR

Summer School on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP)

2016 DNP Summer School held 22 August - 26 August in Switzerland

Electromagnetism Electrotechnology
01 APR

DTU expert appointed to new Energy Commission

Professor Jacob Østergaard, Head of the Centre for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Electrical Engineering has been awarded a seat on the Danish government’s new Energy...

Electrotechnology Energy
31 MAR

PhD guest from Isfahan University of Technology

Hesam Hajheidari will be a guest at the CAMM  centre for a period of 6 months. Coming from the ancient, historical city of Isfahan in Iran, Hesam completed his BSc...

11 MAR

Laboratory for smart energy

In Copenhagen’s new Nordhavn district, researchers, authorities, utility companies, and industry are demonstrating in practice how to make the future energy supply and...

Energy efficiency Energy systems Data analysis Electricity supply Climate adaption Waste water and water discharge CO2 separation and CO2 storage Water supply
04 MAR

Gaming to learn about renewables in electricity markets

The MSc course "Renewables in electricity markets" at DTU Elektro has attracted nearly 90 students in 2016, even though it is given for the second year only. One of the...

Electrical engineering Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy production Energy storage Energy systems
04 JAN

The car will be more than just a means of transport

The Japanese automotive giant Nissan and a team of researchers from DTU Electrical Engineering have become the first in the world to make a mass-produced electric vehicle...

Transport economy Innovation and product development Climate adaption Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy storage Electronics
04 JAN

Major theme: A step towards a fossil fuel-free society

Charging time, range and taxes. There are plenty of challenges facing electric vehicles. Nevertheless, the electric car is the only long-term solution if the transport...

Electrotechnology Transport and logistics Energy
04 JAN

Electric vehicle of the future

How will electric vehicles develop? Associate Professor Esben Larsen from DTU Electrical Engineering  shares his thoughts on the subject.

Electronics Energy efficiency Energy storage Electricity supply Transport economy Transport models Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Climate adaption
27 NOV

Science Magazine writes article about the EcoGrid project on Bornholm

A new article in Science Magazine describes how Denmark strives to become a carbon neutral nation. The EcoGrid project on Bornholm is one of the examples.

Wind energy Energy production Energy efficiency
13 NOV

Electric vehicles are ready to support the power system

On 26 and 27 October DTU Electrical Engineering's Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) hosted an International Energy Agency workshop on V2X technology with 46...

Electrotechnology Energy systems Energy storage
02 NOV

New dual degree programme for master students in Electrical Engineering

A new exciting opportunity is at hand after DTU’s Senior Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies Martin P. Bendsøe and the Associate Vice President of KAIST...

28 OCT

Antennespecialist modtager Elektropris

Civilingeniør og ph.d. Søren Helstrup Kvist fra GN ReSound er dette års modtager af Elektroprisen, som blev uddelt af Elektrofondet i Ingeniørforeningen for nylig.

28 OCT

CAMM attend the 2nd workshop on optimization in Korea

The Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems ( CAMM ) participated in the 2nd workshop on optimization on 21st - 23rd October .

Electrotechnology Construction and mechanics
26 OCT

Antenna Specialist receives 'Elektroprisen 2015'

This year a former DTU Elektro PhD student and two MSc students received prizes when the Elektrofondet celebrated its 50th anniversary and distributed the 'Elektroprisen...

Electrotechnology Antennas Electromagnetism Hearing aids
19 OCT

ICTCA 2015

The 12 th International Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics took place in the beautiful city of Hangzhou (China), from 12th to 14th October 2015...

19 OCT

New PhD researcher at CAMM

Peter Risby Andersen joins the Centre of Acoustic-Mechanical Microsystems (CAMM)

09 OCT

Nyt grundforskningscenter slår dørene op på DTU

Onsdag 7. oktober åbnede DTU's nye Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance. Centret er et tværfagligt samarbejde mellem forskellige forskningsgrupper på DTU...

07 OCT

EcoGrid 2.0 vil be realized

Energy research project, EcoGrid has just been granted renewed funding of 48.6 million from the EUDP scheme. The project has a similar self-financed scheme, which means...

Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy systems
07 OCT

DTU seeks two full professors to strengthen Center for Electric Power and Energy

To further strengthen the research, education and innovation of the center, DTU seeks two professors within Power Components in Distributed Energy Systems and High Voltage...

Electrotechnology Energy
06 OCT

Researcher in biomedical signal processing receives AEG Elektron Award

Greater knowledge about electrical signal processing can facilitate better monitoring, diagnostic, and treatment solutions as well as improved general health for patient...

01 OCT

Forsker i biomedicinsk signalbehandling modtager årets AEG Elektronprisen

Med større viden indenfor elektrisk signalbehandling kan man opnå bedre løsninger for patienter med hensyn til monitorering, diagnose og behandling - samt generelt helbred...

29 SEP

New DTU Elektro group

DTU Elektro has spun out a new group, Center for Magnetic Resonance (CMR) headed by Professor Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen. Faculty members are Associate Professors Lars...

Medical equipment and systems Medicine and medico technology Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes
28 SEP

Mogens Ohlrich - Mindeord

Mogens Ohlrich, tidligere lektor ved DTU-Elektro og ekspert i vibrationer i mekaniske strukturer gik bort den 19. august efter et længere sygdomsforløb.

24 SEP

MhiVec Workshop in Munich

The MHiVec workshop brought together engineers, mathmaticians and physicists working on mid-to-high frequency wave problems, focusing on numerical solution methods and...

22 SEP

Successful closing conference of the EcoGrid EU demo project at DTU Lyngby

On Tuesday September 15th the final EcoGrid EU results were presented at the EcoGrid EU closing conference. Over 160 people attended the conference at the Technical University...

15 SEP

Irish notabilities visit DTU

On Friday, 11 September DTU President Anders Bjarklev and Dean Martin P. Bendsøe had the opportunity to show off PowerLab’s impressive facilities when they...

03 SEP

Professor Andrew G. Webb gives talk on new MRI techniques for high field clinical...

Professor Andrew G. Webb, Director of the C. J. Gorter Center for High-Field MRI, Leiden University Medical Center, will be visiting Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic...

Electromagnetism Medical equipment and systems
02 SEP

ACT visit to Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Efrén Fernandez Grande represented the Acoustic Technology Group when he visited Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) at...

27 AUG

DTU Elektro in Collaboration with Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials

Seong-Hyun Lee, our guest from Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) is on a six month research visit at DTU Elektro

17 AUG

Researcher will turn up Danes hearing aid devices.

New research will correct the problem  of high-pitched whistling  in hearing aids, through a new technology platform . Hearing aid manufacturers are eagerly...

06 AUG

Play your way to improved health

Elderly people and children with disabilities are jumping their way to improved life quality using interactive robot tiles developed at the Center for Playware.  

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation Health and diseases
27 JUL

Robotteknologi fremmer balancen hos ældre

Ældre og børn med handicap hopper sig til en større livskvalitet på interaktive robotfliser, der er udviklet på  Center for Playware.  

17 JUL

Invited talk at 5th International DNP Symposium

  HYPERMAG Center Leader Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen has been invited to give a lecture at the 5th International DNP Symposium and COST Action EuroHyperPol final meeting...

Medicine and medico technology Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Medical equipment and systems
15 JUL

EcoGrid Newsletter no 4

In this newsletter Kim Behnke (Deputy Director, Danish District Heating Association) and Henrik Dam (Policy officer, European Commission, DG Energy) remind us why EcoGrid...

Climate adaption
14 JUL

ISMAR Conference 2015 - International Society on Magnetic Resonance Conference

HYPERMAG Center Leader Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen has been invited to give a lecture on Hyperpolarization and unusual Magnetic Resonance at the 2015 conference of the International...

Medicine and medico technology Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Medical equipment and systems
10 JUL

Engineering Assistant Aage Sonesson Retires

Aage Sonesson has made the decision to retire after working at the house of acoustics for over half a century.

10 JUL

Hearing aids have become intelligent

The world's first wireless hearing aid which can stream sound directly from phones and adapt to the user's surroundings. This is what GN ReSound , as the only company...

Electronics Sound Software and programming IT systems Antennas
03 JUL

Danfoss indtræder i EnergyLab Nordhavn

Det DTU-ledede konsortium EnergyLab Nordhavn, som skal demonstrere, hvordan man kan sammentænke el, varme, energieffektive bygninger og elektrisk transport i et intelligent...

22 JUN

Master thesis defence by Sotirios Sarros on 9th July 2015: Development of Benchtop...

Sotirios Sarros will be defending his master thesis on Development of Benchtop NMR Spectrometer on Thursday, 9th July 2015, hrs. 15-17 at Building 349, room 205. ...

Medical equipment and systems Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes
Field Robot Event 2015-1
18 JUN

DTU team wins second place in the Field Robot Event 2015

DTU team with their robot DTUnicorn won second place at the annual Field Robot Event 2015 taking place this year in Slovenia

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
16 JUN

KAIST robot team wins 2 million USD at DARPA Robot Challenge (DRC) in California

Jan Lorenz is an MSc student in DTU's Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering Dual Degree Program with KAIST. He has sent his account of last week's DARPA Robot Challenge Finals...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
15 JUN

Summer school on Nuclear Spin Hyperpolarization Techniques on 21st – 25th June...

Professor Jan Ardenkjaer-Larsen will be giving a lecture on Dissolution-DNP: Instrumentation at the upcoming EU-COST Summer School on Nuclear Spin Hyperpolarization...

Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes
09 JUN

Euronoise 2015, the 10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering...

Acousticians and noise experts from all over Europe gather for this event on acoustics and noise control in Europe. It was organised by the European Acoustics Association...

03 JUN

New Generation of Innovators Celebrate Success at INNOVEIT - innovative power...

Spin-out company from the Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering - Nordic Power Converters (NPC) - has won the EU’s EIT Venture Award for their inventive...

Electrotechnology Energy
03 JUN

DTU's Introductory Projects can bring you to places of action!

Eg. to the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup Copenhagen 2015:   3 of the Electronics Group's BSc students, Chris Cornaby, Jeppe Friberg, and Nikolaj B. Søndergaard have...

Electrotechnology Energy
01 JUN


Microwave Imaging via Solving Inverse Scattering Problems By Professor Xudong Chen

01 JUN

Renovation and new labs for CoE HyperMag

The HyperMag group has relocated to building 375, while our floor of building 349 is being renovated.   Our HyperLab will be upgraded and supplemented with a cell...

Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
28 MAY

US Ambassador Rufus Gifford visits PowerLabDK

On 22 May, HE Ambassador Rufus Gifford (US) visits DTU and PowerLabDK

Photo: Bjørn Lymann Jespersen
27 MAY

DTU Roadrunners rise from the ashes to set new world record

In spite of a burned-out engine compartment two days before race start, DTU Roadrunners managed to set a new world record in fuel efficiency at the recent Shell Eco-marathon...

Construction and mechanics Combustion engines Engineering Electrotechnology Electronics Fossil fuels Energy efficiency Energy production
FOTO: Bjørn Lymann Jespersen
26 MAY

DTU Roadrunners rejser sig fra asken og sætter ny verdensrekord

På trods af et udbrændt motorrum to dage før løbsstart lykkedes det DTU Roadrunners at sætte ny verdensrekord i at køre længst på literen ved det netop overståede Shell...

Construction and mechanics Combustion engines Engineering Electrotechnology Electronics Fossil fuels Energy efficiency Energy production
19 MAY

Innovative power supply wins EU award

Spin-out company from DTU— Nordic Power Converters —has won the EU’s EIT Venture Award for their inventive re-design of the power supply.

Electrotechnology Electronics
18 MAY

Nyskabende strømforsyning vinder EU-pris

Spinout-virksomheden fra DTU - Nordic Power Converters – har vundet EU-prisen EIT Venture Award for deres opfindsomme re-design af strømforsyningen.

Electrotechnology Electronics
17 MAY

138th International Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention took place at Warsaw...

Audio people from DTU Electrical Engineering conquers the 138th AES Convention in Europe

06 MAY


Microwave Activation of Drug Release By Sævar Tor Jónasson

04 MAY

Hearing researchers reaching new audiences

The Hard of Hearing Association, a Business Academy in Southern Denmark with around 100 students and a Rehabilitation Centre in Roskilde with audience from hospitals...

Physiological modelling Artificial organs Medical equipment and systems Electrotechnology Computer calculations
01 MAY

New PhD Ronja Malinowski on board HyperMag CoE

Ronja Malinowski has joined the HyperMag group in a PhD position. Ronja will investigate how hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance can be used for the real-time study...

29 APR

The winners of DTU RoboCup 2015

Once again DTU RoboCup was a tremendous success with 41 vehicles and teams participating, nearly twice as many as last year, so indeed a success. As last year the Cup was...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
28 APR

Intelligently controlled energy spells end to wasted resources

Earlier today saw the inauguration of EnergyLab Nordhavn, a new full-scale smart city energy lab in Copenhagen. Participating at the event were representatives from ministries...

Kickoff af EnergyLab Nordhavn. Foto: Ulrik Jantzen
28 APR

Goddag til intelligent styret energi og farvel til ressourcespild

Tidligere i dag var der kickoff for storbylaboratoriet EnergyLab Nordhavn med deltagelse af repræsentanter fra ministerier, erhvervsliv og universitetsverden. Blandt talerne...

26 APR

Royal interest in the research at Hearing Systems

DTU had a Royal guest at the opening of the Festival of Resarch on Thursday April 23 when HRH The Crown Princess Mary visited DTU Skylab. Especially Hearing Systems from...

Electrotechnology Physiological modelling Information technology Computer calculations
24 APR

Nissan and Endesa join Nikola project

The 22nd of April Nissan representatives came by DTU Risø with two brand-new Nissan Leafs. The vehicles will be part of the Nikola project that investigates in electric...

Electricity supply Energy storage Energy systems
Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard
24 APR

Fuldt hus til Forskningens Døgn på DTU

Der var fest og farver til Forskningens Døgn på DTU, hvor der både var kongeligt besøg fra H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary og uddannelses- og forskningsminister Sofie Carsten...

22 APR

Tre studerende skal nytænke tv-antennen

Tre ingeniørstuderende, en fra DTU og to fra Sverige, har indgået en aftale med tv-udbyderen Boxer TV om at udvikle den gammeldags tv-antenne.

Electrotechnology Antennas
16 APR

Best Paper Award

Our Electromagnetic Systems Group received the Best Measurement Paper Award at the recent EUCAP - 2015 European Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Lisbon, Portugal...

16 APR

Three students to reinvent the TV antenna

Three engineering students—one from DTU and two from Sweden—have joined forces with Boxer TV to work on updating the archaic TV antenna.

10 APR

DTU RoboCup - berømt og berygtet - afholdes igen i år på DTU Bibliotek, Lyngby

Alle robot-entusiaster kan allerede nu glæde sig til DTU RoboCup 2015, som igen i år bliver holdt på biblioteket på DTU i Lyngby, torsdag d. 23. april.

Robot technology and automation
09 APR

Record number of visitors at this year's Open House event

More than 2600 people visited DTU 5 March 2015 at the Open House event setting a new record. People enjoyed a fun afternoon where they could learn how technology is used...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
27 MAR

Project Manager for EnergyLab Nordhavn appointed

Christoffer Greisen has been recruited to lead the project, EnergyLab Nordhavn, a project to demonstrate how electricity and heating, energy-efficient buildings and electric...

26 MAR

SEMIKRON Innovation Award 2015

The SEMIKRON Innovation Award 2015 to PhD student Mickey P. Madsen from Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering

Electrotechnology Energy
26 MAR

Maritimt samarbejde skal skabe renere skibsfart

Med en ny samarbejdsaftale kan partnerskabet Blue INNOShip gå i gang med at skabe en renere skibsfart.

Ships and offshore constructions Engineering Construction and mechanics Electrotechnology Chemistry Chemical engineering
25 MAR

The Electronics Group participating in one of the leading events for power electronics...

The Electronics Group go West, presents a lot of papers and gets an award


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