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25 NOV

The energy islands are our common Mars mission

Denmark’s energy islands are hugely ambitious projects. It will require development and research—so let’s start now.

Energy technology Electricity supply Energy efficiency Energy production Wind energy Energy systems
25 NOV

Energiøerne er vores fælles Marsmission

Energiøerne er en vild ambition, som sætter den innovative barre for den grønne energiproduktion højt. Det kræver både udvikling og forskning.

Energy technology Electrotechnology Electricity supply Energy production Wind energy
01 NOV

Digital foundation of future energy needed

Contribution i Altinget: Research holds the key to the future of green energy systems, but the national focus needs to be on the digital operating system that will connect...

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy technology Energy systems Solar energy Wind energy IT systems
Kilde: Energistyrelsen
29 OCT

Smarte løsninger kan spare milliarder på energiøerne

Indlæg i Altinget: Med nye innovative løsninger kan vi spare mindst 20 milliarder kroner på Danmarks to energiøer. Det svarer til en halv Storebæltsbro.

Energy technology Energy efficiency Electricity supply Energy production Energy systems Wind energy
29 OCT

Digitalt fundament for fremtidens energi nødvendigt

Indlæg i Altinget: Forskningen har løsninger til fremtidens grønne energisystem, men mangler dansk fokus på digitalt styresystem, der skal binde det sammen.

Energy technology Energy systems Energy storage Energy production Energy efficiency IT systems Wind energy Solar energy
27 MAY

Platform for managing smart digital energy systems

Digitalization of our energy systems has increased the need for a better overview of the data and their uses. At the same time, heightened data integrity and cybersecurity...

Energy technology Energy efficiency Energy systems Solar energy Wind energy Energy production
02 MAR

Major new partnership to solve future energy challenges

A large new Danish-Swedish collaboration aims to tackle one of the major challenges of the green transition: to use renewable solar and wind energy intelligently and flexibly...

Solar energy Wind energy Energy systems CO2 separation and CO2 storage
Photo/illustration: EUDP
26 APR

New North Sea wind adventure could make Denmark a green leader

A new development project involving several Danish businesses aims to deliver the right technologies and services for the energy supply of the future via offshore wind...

Energy technology Energy storage Wind energy Energy systems Electricity supply
17 JUL

Free access to leading Smart Grid research infrastructure

Once again, PowerLabDK offers free access to our world leading facilities and innovative installations. Starting from 15 August and until 15 November, we invite you to...

Energy technology Energy systems Energy efficiency Wind energy
At the Svalin co-housing complex, a model is being devised for the local exchange of energy between the residents. Photo: Karin Tengberg. House Arkitekter
09 MAY

You have wind and I have sun – shall we trade?

It is time to replace centralized systems with local solutions. Professor Pierre Pinson is working to create a sharing economy system for electricity exchange.

Solar energy Wind energy Electricity supply

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23 JULY 2024