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Evs ready to support the grid
14 JAN

The match has been made – EVs are ready to support the electricity grid

The end of the Danish EUDP-supported demonstration project, Parker, was recently marked by a major conference at the Danish Technical University in Risø. Here, the project presented its results, which show that electric cars can already now support the grid when they are parked. Furthermore, the project is the first to demonstrate...

Parker Project demonstrates that Electric vehicles are able to performe grid services via V2G technology at VGI summit at DTU Risø
30 NOV

Electric Vehicles ready to stabilize grid and help green transition

Parker Project has validated that series-produced electric vehicles as part of an operational fleet can store electricity and stabilize the power grid. Stabilizing is essential to develop an energy systems based on renewables. Vehicle-Grid Integration seems to have business potential.

Parker Project
20 FEB

Why Parker Project develops a grid readiness certificate

Center for Electric Power and Energy is partner in Parker Project. One of the three pillars of the Parker project is to develop a Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIV) certificate. But why is that important? 

Frederiksberg Forsyning -Photo: Nissan
13 DEC

Parker project collaborates with danish start-up

Parker has joined forces with the Danish start-up Tomorrow to develop and test a new service which enables electric vehicles to charge when electricity CO2 emissions are lowest – reducing the carbon footprint of electric vehicles even further.

21 NOV

Three car giants develop electric car solutions at DTU

The changeover from petrol to electricity poses challenges for car manufacturers. The solution is called Vehicle-to-Grid—a field in which DTU researchers excel.

Electrotechnology Energy
Foto: Torben Nielsen_Energy_system_integration_lab_Risoe
15 NOV

World’s first cross-brand V2G demonstration conducted in Denmark

With a fleet of four state-of-the-art vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe and Nissan, the Danish project, Parker, is now demonstrating that vehicles from different car brands can contribute to supporting the electricity grid. An important milestone for the roll out of V2G.

Introducingthe Parker Project
13 JUL

How can electric vehicles be an asset to the power system?

Peter Bach Andersen, project manager for the Parker Project, explains the technology behind the grid integrated vehicle and why it is of more value to society than an ordinary electric vehicle.

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Parker live streaming to PSA Groupe event
24 MAR

PowerLabDK streams live at large Groupe PSA event

This week, the French car manufacturer Groupe PSA (the group behind Citroën and Peugeot) organised a large internal showcase of innovation projects in Paris. PowerLabDK and the Department of Electrical Engineering at DTU were represented through a live stream from our SYSLAB facility, displaying the technology from our leading research...

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The Parker Project Group
03 JAN

The Parker project - new partners and official launch

Partners of the Parker project met in mid-December to mark the end of the project initialization phase and to begin its official launch as they strive to apply grid-balancing services to a fleet of electric vehicles to demonstrate their potential to support the electricity grid as power resources.

Photo: Nissan
06 SEP

World’s first electric car fleet supplying electricity to the grid

DTU is heading the testing of new technology which will enable a fleet of electric cars to supply power to the grid.

Energy Electricity supply Energy systems
Frederiksberg Forsyning -Photo: Nissan
01 SEP

World's first real life test of Vehicle to Grid is a reality

Researchers from Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Elektro have developed and tested Vehicle to Grid (V2G) integration in electric cars for years. Now a real life test of ten electric cars with V2G is a reality - and the world's first.

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Nikola concluding seminar at Risø June 2016
16 AUG

Grid Integrated Electric Vehicle seminar – Concluding the Nikola project

8th of June Risø hosted a seminar marking the end of the Nikola project. The seminar was attended by a hundred participants including representatives from seven different vehicle manufacturers who witnessed a succesful first-of-its kind demonstration.

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Photo: Joachim Rode
04 JAN

The car will be more than just a means of transport

The Japanese automotive giant Nissan and a team of researchers from DTU Electrical Engineering have become the first in the world to make a mass-produced electric vehicle return electricity to the grid.

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Electric Vehicles (Photo: Nissan)
13 NOV

Electric vehicles are ready to support the power system

On 26 and 27 October DTU Electrical Engineering's Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) hosted an International Energy Agency workshop on V2X technology with 46 experts from academia, the system operator domain and the car industry attending.

Electrotechnology Energy systems Energy storage
2 Nissan LEAF delivered to Risø Campus by Nissan representative
24 APR

Nissan and Endesa join Nikola project

The 22nd of April Nissan representatives came by DTU Risø with two brand-new Nissan Leafs. The vehicles will be part of the Nikola project that investigates in electric vehicle integration into the power system.

Electricity supply Energy storage Energy systems
28 NOV

Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid – Nikola half-way seminar on 27 November 2014

On 27 November 2014 the Nikola project held its half-way seminar, which gathered 55 professionals and enthusiasts interested in EV integration

26 FEBRUARY 2020