Mattia Marinelli

Mattia Marinelli

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 776, room 08

4000 Roskilde

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08 MAY

Disconnected power cable to Bornholm offers unique test option

The island of Bornholm is on its own these days in terms of electricity supply, as the submarine cable to Sweden’s power grid has been disconnected. This is an interesting situation for researchers at DTU, who are investigating the ability of electric vehicles to stabilize the power grid.

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03 APR

Large-scale project to decarbonize European islands

DTU is one of the 27 partners in a new large-scale European project. As responsible for one of the three demo islands (Bornholm) DTU will test a new storage technology that exploits the features of grid integrated electric vehicles and demonstrate the possibility of providing flexibility to the electrical grid.

26 NOV

Smart charger key to keep renewables running on Bornholm

DTU Elektro researchers have been investigating different methods for leveraging the flexibility provided by the storage in Electric Vehicles. Amongst these, test on smart chargers have been carried out succesfully. For the first time a smart charger has been deployed in Denmark outside the University for public usage.

03 NOV

Researchers present new results on electric vehicles integration in Japan

On the 150 th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Japan and Denmark, researchers from DTU Elektro participating in the research project ACES (Across Continents Electric Vehicles Services) met with partners and several stakeholders in Tokyo to present the newest results. 

14 JUN

ELECTRA IRP is entering the project's final year

In February, ELECTRA successfully passed the third year review meeting with the European Commission Officer and external experts, and is now entering the final stage where simulations and experiments will prove pros and cons of the newly developed Web-of-Cells concept.

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03 APR

New project on large scale electrical vehicle integration

A new project just got officially funded and will run between April 2017 and March 2020. The Project is called Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services (ACES) and intends to investigate technical and economic system benefits and impacts by large scale electric vehicles integration in Bornholm.

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DTU Elektro researchers Andreas Thingvad and Lisa Calearo, along with Mattia Marinelli working on the ACES project at Bornholm
01 JAN


Meeting at the Danish Embassy of Japan on the 18th October 2017.  From the right: Andreas Thingvad (Research assistant, DTU), Freddy Svane (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark), Mattia Marinelli (Associate professor, DTU), Keigo Ikezoe (Manager, Nissan), Kenta Suzuki (Researcher, Nissan), Antonio Zecchino (PhD student, DTU)
01 JAN

17 NOVEMBER 2019