Smart energy in smart cities-Photo: Torben Nielsen

Smart energy in smart cities and communities

An optimal integration of renewable energy generation may call for an integrated view of energy systems, for instance by jointly managing heat and electricity systems in a Danish context with large focus on district heating. Similar ideas may be development to consider interaction with gas and possibly with hydrogen. Such an integrated view of energy management is what people often refer to as “Smart Energy”. Besides, since large parts of the population is to live in urban areas, while cities are leading the way in decarbonizing our economies, such smart energy developments are most likely to take place in this so-called smart city context. Smart cities encompass more than energy only, potentially looking at synergies with water, transportation, etc. as well as the more social factors of how we live together in urban areas.

We are involved in the development of new approaches to the integrated management of energy systems at various time scales, from control to operations and planning, in a liberalized market environment. We are also part of the development in the Nordhavn area of Copenhagen as a flagship project for the development of smart energy solutions in smart cities, thereby enacting the Danish political ambitions and strategies.

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Selected examples:

EnergyLab Nordhavn
A smart city energy lab that develops and demonstrates future energy solutions.
energy market data
Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy System in Cities. Harnessing the latent flexibility of the energy system.
DTU Electrical Engineering
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