Active distribution grids-Photo: Torben Nielsen

Digital solutions in transmission and distribution grids

Power systems, at both transmission and distribution level, are undergoing massive changes due to disruptive technologies associated with the integration of renewable energy and the implementation of energy storage such as electric vehicle grid integration.
Digitalisation will play a huge part in the future energy system. It will connect generation and consumption, and enable the multidirectional flows of energy and information.

Our research within this area focuses on the way that power components are designed, built and functioning both as converters of electrical energy and as system components. Novel concepts include ways to gather information at system level and how this information can be used by system operators to develop new ways of managing, controlling, operating and safeguarding the power system itself.
Part of this research also focuses on the real-time security assessment of a renewable energy based power system and new solutions for active distribution networks.

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Selected examples:

Public EV charging

public EV charging
Designing new technologies that enables the public electric vehicle charging infrastructure to assist the grid and avoid bottlenecks in the distribution system.

Voltage control

Voltage control
Voltage control of power systems with contribution from wind power and other voltage levels.
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