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Novel equipment concepts in power systems

Electricity grids, both transmission and distribution ones, utilise numerous electrical equipment to perform all necessary functions. These include equipment to manage, sense, control, and operate the grid. It also includes equipment to protect the grid, the equipment connected to the grid, and of course to protect people. Examples include for instance transformers, switch gear, and power electronics controllers such as reactive power compensators, cables, and transmission lines to mention just few.

Distribution grids in particular require more intelligence to bring them closer to an infrastructure that is able to sense, manage, control, identify, and avoid faults, and in this way become more intelligent and ultimately more robust and resilient.
At transmission level, optimized utilisation of power equipment is one approach to minimize capital investment costs. This is supported by methods for condition state monitoring, which include advanced component models, to be implemented and used under all operating conditions.
Suitable condition assessment and prediction methods are also required for condition based maintenance, life time estimation and asset management, all being essential for ensuring a reliable present and future power grid.

This area of research focuses on the hardware and software technologies to deliver power components for the next generation of grids where new possibilities become endless and opening up new opportunities for cost reduction and automation that today is not possible.

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Selected examples:

Wind power project
Investigating the direct and indirect effects of lightning discharges in connection with Controllable Rubber Trailing Edge Flaps of wind turbine blades.
EV integration
Developing a permanent magnet brushless DC motor for EV application using Nano-crystalline permanent magnets.
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