Storage and electric vehicle integration-Photo:Torben Nielsen

Storage and electric vehicle integration

Integration of battery storage and electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the most promising solutions for improving reliability and performance of power systems with high share of wind and solar (PV) energy. 

Battery storage and electric vehicles are able to revolutionise the way the energy system is designed and operated, and has the possibility to increase the value of the renewable energy sources. 

Likewise, energy conversion and storage based on e.g. thermal mass, hydrogen etc. can be used to balance excess electricity from renewables as well as provide other grid services.

Our research focuses on understanding EV user behavior, new knowledge, theory, methods and models enabling better understanding of storage and EVs in the energy system as well as developing new technologies and solutions enabling an efficient and seamless integration.

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Selected examples:

EV integration
Validating that series produced electric vehicles, as part of an operational fleet, can participate in advanced, vertically integrated, smart grid services.
EnergyLab Nordhavn
EnergyLab Nordhavn: when there is produced more renewable energy than consumed, surplus energy are stored in a local placed battery.
DTU Electrical Engineering
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