Per Bromand Nørgård

Per Bromand Nørgård

Senior Development Engineer

Department of Electrical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 776, room 08

4000 Roskilde

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Perspectives on solar power in dense urban areas – with Copenhagen International School as case study

Nørgaard, Per ; Poder, Søren H.
in: The Journal of Engineering, vol: 2019, issue: 18, pages: 5134-5137
Presented at:
7th International Conference on Renewable Power Generation

Type: Conference article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI:


Smart grids innovation challenge

Østergaard, Jacob ; Weckesser, Johannes Tilman Gabriel ; Bondy, Daniel Esteban Morales ; Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Pinson, Pierre ; Martini, Luciano ; Madsen, Henrik
Publisher: Technical University of Denmark, Report name: Smart grids innovation challenge, (ISBN: 978-87-93458-57-4), pages: 37-46

Type: Report chapter (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2018


Feasibility of wind power integration in weak grids in non-coastal areas of Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Mali

Nygaard, Ivan ; Kamissoko, Famakan ; Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Badger, Jake ; Dewilde, Luc
in: A I M S Energy, vol: 5, issue: 3, pages: 557-584

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2017     |    DOI:


Optimised Control of 10 MW Photovoltaic (PV) Plant with 1MW / 1MWh Battery

Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Bindner, Henrik W. ; Thavlov, Anders ; Florides, Michalis ; Venizelou, Venizelos ; Patsalides, Minas ; Anastassiou, Charalambos ; Makrides, George ; Efthymiou, Venizelos ; Georghiou, George E.
part of: Proceedings of 6th Solar Integration workshop: International workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems., 2016
Presented at:
6th Solar Integration workshop

Type: Article in proceedings (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2016


Smart Energy Network’s recommendations for research, development and demonstration of smart energy in Denmark

Nørgård, Per Bromand
Presented at:
Sustain-ATV Conference 2016

Type: Conference abstract for conference (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2016


Economic Dispatch of Hydrogen Systems in Energy Spot Markets

You, Shi ; Nørgård, Per Bromand
in: Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, vol: 4, issue: 2, pages: 148-151

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2015     |    DOI:


Integrated smart infrastructures

Østergaard, Jacob ; Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Wen, Fushuan ; Rode, Carsten
part of: DTU International Energy Report 2015, pages: 15-22, 2015, Technical University of Denmark

Type: Book chapter (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2015


Wind and Photovoltaic Large-Scale Regional Models for hourly production evaluation

Marinelli, Mattia ; Maule, Petr ; Hahmann, Andrea N. ; Gehrke, Oliver ; Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio
in: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, vol: 6, issue: 3, pages: 916-923

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: E-pub ahead of print     |    Year: 2015     |    DOI:


Electrical Vehicle Batteries Testing in a Distribution Network Using Sustainable Energy

Forero Camacho, Oscar Mauricio ; Nørgård, Per Bromand ; Rao, Ningling ; Mihet-Popa, Lucian
in: IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol: 5, issue: 2, pages: 1033-1042

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2014     |    DOI:
26 FEBRUARY 2020