Joachim Holbøll

Joachim Holbøll

Professor, Deputy Head of Center

Department of Electrical Engineering

Technical University of Denmark


Building 325, room 141

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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News from DTU

Kvindelig studerende på Bæredygtigt Energidesign
02 OCT

A striking Girls' Day in Science

2 October companies, science centers and universities opened up the doors for high school girls for them to see what science and tech is all about. The Technical University of Denmark was one of them.

Blue mussels. Photo Danish Shelfish Center
04 JUL

Focus on low trophic aquaculture in EU funded project

New, large international research project will improve the cultivation and utilization of organisms at the bottom of the marine food chain.

Enzyme researcher Ditte Hededam Welner uses genetic engineering to exploit E. coli bacteria in the production of indigo dye. Photo: Bax Lindhardt
05 DEC

Blue Jeans in a green way

Researchers exploit E. coli bacteria for new, greener production of indigo to dye jeans.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Innovation and product development Bacteria and microorganisms Enzymes and proteins Chemistry
11 JUL

Analysing data accelerates the development of cell factories

They rarely steal the show and the big headlines, but the Analytics Unit at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, DTU, is playing a crucial part in the Center’s scientific success stories.   Biosustain Magazine has met Head of the Analytical Core Facility and Senior Researcher, Hanne Bjerre Christensen, to...

Foto: Shutterstock
10 JUL

A good start for the new study programme Design of Sustainable Energy Systems

A total of 162 people (52 first priority) have applied for the new bachelor education Design of Sustainable Energy Systems which is a very good start for a new study programme.

Electrotechnology Energy
08 JUN

Enzyme engineering contribute to production of new-to-nature glycosides

A new research group will focus on developing enzyme biocatalysts for the industrial production of natural products used as aromas, fragrances, dyes and pharmaceuticals.

Photo: Shutterstock
29 MAY

New study programme focusing on a sustainable future

‘Design of Sustainable Energy Systems’ to educate engineers who can create tomorrow’s energy systems.

Rebecca Frauzem, PhD
02 FEB

PhD Interview: CO2 capture and conversion

DTU Chemical Engineering would not be much of a scientific institution without its many PhD students. We interviewed Rebecca Frauzem about ‘Sustainable process design with process intensification’.

testing in PowerLabDK
05 JAN

No more chemicals - Global corporation tests oil pipes at DTU

When the offshore industry transports oil from the seabed to the platform, it is important that the oil has a good flow in the pipeline. Chemicals are often used to support this flow, but the American-based company National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is very close to launching a new technique where chemicals are no longer needed. Tests have been...

Electrotechnology Innovation and product development
29 FEBRUARY 2020