Pierre Pinson (Photo: Henrik Frydkjær)

Energy specialist honoured with Electro Prize

Wednesday 28 Nov 18
by Camilla Christiane Hermann


Pierre Pinson
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About the Electro Prize and graduate awards

The Electro Prize is an annual honorary prize awarded by the Danish Electro Foundation to a person who has made promising contributions in the electrotechnical/electronic academic field—through excellent technical-scientific work—at a high academic level for some years and attached to Danish research or industry.

The ‘E-kandidatpris’ awards are given to young, promising engineering graduates within the electrotechnical/electronic academic field with a degree from one of the Danish educational institutions specializing in engineering. The graduates are expected to have submitted a particularly outstanding final project with significant technical/scientific contents as well as practical utilization perspectives.

The Electro Prize and graduate awards cannot be applied for, they are awarded exclusively on the basis of nomination.
Professor Pierre Pinson from DTU Electrical Engineering is this year’s recipient of the Electro Prize, awarded by the Danish Electro Foundation of the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

Pierre Pinson (38) conducts research into the design of the electricity markets of tomorrow with special focus on the integration of renewable energy.

In the justification for awarding the prize to Pierre Pinson, it is highlighted that his research has resulted in a groundbreaking new understanding of how fluctuating renewable energy can be integrated into the energy system to achieve an efficient green transition.

Pierre Pinson’s research contributions include new ideas for genuine user-centred electricity markets with peer-to-peer exchange of electricity based on consensus market models and blockchain technology. The ideas are attracting great attention and are based on bridge-building between electricity technology, statistics, and optimization, as well as new breakthroughs in computer science—as stated in the nomination of the prize recipient—who is also characterized as a great source of inspiration for the students and as a brilliant communicator.

In addition to the academic recognition that the Electro Prize confers, the prize recipient receives a sum of EUR 4,000 (DKK 30,000).

Awards to promising candidates
In connection with the awarding of the Electro Prize, a number of awards (‘E-kandidatpriser’) are also given to promising, newly graduated engineers. This year, three graduate awards—each of EUR 1,300 (DKK 10,000)— have been presented, with two going to DTU graduates:

Andreas Rosenberg received his award for his Master’s thesis in Electrical Engineering, where he has designed and manufactured a well-functioning 10-GHz omnidirectional micro-strip radar antenna for use for detection and monitoring of drones. The thesis supervisor is Associate Professor Kaj Bjarne Jakobsen—Electromagnetic Systems at DTU Electrical Engineering—and the external supervisor is Morten Aarøe, Weibel Scientific.

René Brink Mouritzen received the award for his final BEng project Electrical Engineering. In this project, he has designed an IO plug-in card for a Smart Grid unit. The assignment—characterized as a ‘solid engineering project’—thus made great demands on electrical, mechanical, and communication interfaces.

The last award went to Martin Trolle Arentsen from Aalborg University.

The Electro Prize and the graduate awards were presented by the Chairman of the Danish Electro Foundation, Ole Mørk Lauridsen.

Modtagere af Elektroprisen og E-kandidatpriserne (Foto: Henrik Frydkjær)
The Chairman of the Danish Electro Foundation, Ole Mørk Lauridsen (far left), congratulates this year’s recipient of the Electro Prize, Pierre Pinson (second from the left), and graduate award recipients Andreas Rosenberg, René Brink Mouritzen, and Martin Trolle Arentsen. Photo: Henrik Frydkjær. (Source: Press release from the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA) 

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