We collaborate with a large number of companies and research institutions in Denmark and abroad

CEE's collaboration covers research, education, and innovation, and aims at creating benefits and value for the society and our collaboration partners. We support the Danish industry in utilizing the unique national strength position within renewable-based energy systems to create new knowledge-based jobs and new export of green technology.

The centre collaborates with industry and academia on student projectsPhD projects, EU projects, courses, large-scale demonstrations, and testing in our labs. CEE is also a member of several national and international networks.

Power Events with guest lectures and presentations are arranged regularly. The events attract distinguished international guests and lead to interesting discussions with participants from collaboration partners and visitors.

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CEE's collaboration partners / Research projects / Facilities at PowerLabDK

Contact CEE

If you consider collaborating with CEE, you are welcome to contact Professor and Head of Centre Jacob Østergaard.

Jacob Østergaard
Professor, Head of Division
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 35 01