PowerLabDK - e-mobility

Testing and demonstration of energy technologies

In our modernPowerLabDK laboratories we offer tests of electric components and equipment within all application areas and all power ranges up to MW-scale. Furthermore, we can assist in test and demonstration of digital energy solutions and system tools.

Tests can be conducted according to both national and international standards (IEC, IEEE, VDE, DS, etc.), e.g. development tests or pre-tests before a type approval. We also provide customized tests according to your specification, or to the solution our experts have helped you develop for your specific needs.

Demonstrations can take place in our flexible synthetic environment as well as real-life. Demonstration options includes our Energy System Simulation Lab with Europe’s most powerful real-time digital simulation and power hardware-in-loop environment, as well as in our real-life full-scale Energy System Integration Lab, SYSLAB and living labs as the Bornholm renewable energy based smart community or EnergyLab Nordhavn. All demonstrations will be carried out in collaboration with our technical experts and researchers.

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