Tre studerende på DTU Elektro arbejder på elcykel



Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) at DTU Elektro contributes to the DTU educations at all levels within electrical energy systems.

The programmes are aimed at the electric power industry including energy companies, consulting engineers and wind turbine manufacturers. The study is based on DTUs bachelor programmes in:

Bachelor programmes

Electrical Energy Technology, Electrical Engineering, DTU Elektro   Design of Sustainable Energy Systems, Electrical Engineering, DTU Elektro

The bachelor programme may be followed by a targeted two-year master programme in Electrical Engineering. CEE recommends Electric Energy Systems with a specialisation in:

Master programmes

Electrical Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Wind Energy, DTU Elektro

Finally the Nordic collaboration - Nordic Five Tech (N5T) - offers M.Sc. Program in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering

If you have a degree from another qualifying institution, eg an engineering college, you may enrol on the master programme.


The courses offered in our programmes are based on the centre’s research in intelligent power systems.

The topical courses and projects will contribute to a solution to the future great challenges of adjusting renewable, embedded power generation through an intelligent power system and ensure environment-friendly solutions on a liberalised electricity market.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods are project-orientated. The methods support both individual learning and the development of interpersonal skills as the centre - as often as possible - involves its cooperation partners in courses as well as individual projects and engineering works, introductory, bachelor and master projects.

Study Environment

CEE offers a professional study environment among fellow students, lecturers and future colleagues that may also enhance job opportunities. Furthermore, CEE provides fine social facilities such as a student café. Read more about the CEE study environment.
22 MARCH 2019