About the center

We are working for a sustainable future

At Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) we are doing cutting edge research which is crucial for society – not only in Denmark but worldwide.

We collaborate with the industry, other academic institutions and networks to meet the growing need for research, innovation and education supporting the transformation of the energy system into a sustainable, cost-efficient and reliable system. The electric power system needs to be transformed to be able to handle the ongoing expansion of renewable energy sources and to fulfill the long term vision of a fossil-free society. We contribute to making this transition possible and meeting the climate challenge – one of the most important challenges of our time.

The focus areas covered by CEE are expected to increase further in the coming years, since the Danish climate goals are ambitious and broadly anchored across the Danish parliament. The goal is for Denmark to be 100% free of fossil fuels in 2050. Electricity will be the main energy carrier and is expected to double to cover up to 70% of the total Danish energy system in 2050.

The center is a hub for learning and knowledge where students, researchers and professionals meet and interact. We educate highly skilled engineers within electric power and energy through research-based education, and CEE strives to be one of Europe’s strongest university centers within the area and a key player in the international scientific community. Our close national and international partnerships with the industry, research institutions and networks are essential and valued co-players in achieving the goals to the benefit of the collaboration partners and the society in general.

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