Provides access to cutting-edge experimental facilities within the centre's research area for academia, students and industry. The facilities span from extensive physical labs to software platforms and living labs.

PowerLabDK is the joint term for all our experimental facilities for testing and development of the future energy system. We collaborate with both utility companies, authorities, citizens, and of cause the students and researchers of DTU.

The team behind PowerLabDK consists of several engineers, IT specialists, and technicians who offers their expertise to assist you in your experiments whether they are theoretical displays or various real-time simulated displays. A list of staff members is shown in the feed below.

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Staff members:

Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Daniel Arndtzen Daniel ArndtzenPLK TechnicianDTU Winddaar@dtu.dk
Tom Bailly-Salins Tom Bailly-SalinsSystem programmerDTU Wind+45 44 80 50 89tbaisal@dtu.dk
Frida Frost Frida FrostHead of InnovationDTU Wind+45 93 51 17 73ffrost@dtu.dk
Frank Alan Hauer Frank Alan HauerProcess EngineerDTU Wind+45 93 51 00 30frhau@dtu.dk
Laura Hedemand Laura HedemandTeam CoordinatorDTU Wind+45 93 51 89 78lauhed@dtu.dk
Per Munch Jakobsen Per Munch JakobsenHead of LaboratoriesDTU Wind+45 46 77 49 85pmja@dtu.dk
Kristian Jensenius Hartmann Jensen Kristian Jensenius Hartmann JensenPLK EngineerDTU Windkrisjen@dtu.dk
Magnus Klintström Magnus KlintströmProject LeaderDTU Wind+45 20 69 61 13magklin@dtu.dk
Anders Laage Kragh Anders Laage KraghSoftware DeveloperDTU Wind+45 93 51 07 82alkragh@dtu.dk
Adam Kibenich Madsen Adam Kibenich MadsenPLK TechnicianDTU Wind+45 93 51 15 83akima@dtu.dk