Mission and vision

Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) addresses one of the major and most important challenges of our modern society, as we support the ongoing transformation of the energy system by developing a range of new technologies and solutions as well as the underlying new knowledge, theory and methods.

Mission // what we do
To provide cutting-edge engineering knowledge, methods and tools, which leads the society efforts towards a sustainable energy system for people.

Vision // what we want to be
CEE want to be a dynamo for a global position of strength in intelligent energy systems.
- Generate pioneering research results in a dynamic environment attracting the best minds from all over the world.
- Educate and train engineers and researchers leading the society efforts towards a 100% renewable-based energy system.
- Foster a digital green growth in the society through innovation and excellent partnerships.

Ambitions // what we aim towards

CEE fights climate changes and tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 ‘Affordable and clean energy’ by aiming our research on the urgently needed green transition of the energy system. Our research aims to enable the most integrated, market-based, flexible, and resilient energy system based on digital solutions and renewables in a cost-effective manner. Our research is organized in three interconnected strategic themes: Digital Energy Solutions, Interconnected Energy System and Optimized Electric Energy Technologies.

Strategic objectives

1. Cutting-edge research
CEE aims at maximizing the scientific impact of our research and our academic recognition as one of the leading research groups in Europe within digital energy solutions, interconnected energy system, and optimized electric energy technologies, cf. ‘Scientific focus’. CEE will have a well-balanced portfolio of curiosity-driven research and applied research with national and international relevance.

2. Top-quality education
CEE will educate engineers with robust competences for the future. Our research-based teaching will be stimulating based on the latest principles and IT technologies in an attractive environment supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and involvement in our research. We aim at a strong online visibility.

3. Driver for innovation
CEE will be a driver for exploiting the substantial Danish research-based innovation potential within intelligent energy systems. We will boost student entrepreneurship and embrace open data, open tools and other innovation models.

4. Strong network, industrial collaboration and societal impact
CEE will participate actively in the best academic networks worldwide. We will maintain close strategic collaboration with industry and we will ensure a broad dissemination of research results reaching both academia and industry as well as proactively impact the public debate.

5. Second-to-none infrastructures

CEE will be a frontrunner on world-class research facilities for multi-energy systems and new regulatory sandboxes. We will form a hub for coordination of national energy labs, where energy relevant data will serve as fuel for our research to impact society efforts. We will advance international collaboration on virtual lab infrastructures.

Øresund vindmøller, Photo: Torben Nielsen

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