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PhD programme

PhD programme

At Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) we have an international research environment with researchers and PhD students from all over the world.

Entering a PhD programme is a great way to specialise yourself within your chosen field of study. As a PhD student, you will carry out independent scientific research that can lead to exciting and challenging job opportunities in the research world and the energy industry.

As a PhD at CEE, you’ll get the opportunity to occupy yourself with problems and technologies of great immediate interest, and you may contribute to the scientific development of the field of electric technology.

A strong environment

PhD students at CEE normally cooperate closely with one or more industrial companies and/or international research institutions. As a CEE PhD student you will have a large network of other students, you will belong to one of our five research groups, and you will be invited to technical arrangements like: PhD courses, workshops, power events, etc.
CEE are deeply rooted in a strong professional environment both inside and outside DTU. You will therefore be part of a unique professional and social network.

PhD projects offered

CEE offers PhD projects in relation to the centre’s main research activities within the electric technology field. Open positions will be displayed at the department's vacancies list.

Further information

You are always welcome to contact the center's staff to discuss your opportunities. If you have a proposal for a research subject, you are also welcome to contact a CEE professor or teacher for a perspectival dialogue.

As inspiration, please view our current PhD projects.

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