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A professional and social study environment

A professional and social study environment

At Center for Electric Power and Energy we endorse a creative and experimenting study life. We find it highly important to establish a professional and social environment that enhance learning as well as develop interpersonal skills.

CEE Study environment CEE Study Environment

Research in cooperation with industry
In addition to relevant courses, the technical and social competences are strengthened through thematic projects carried out at cooperation partners and excursions of long or short duration in Denmark and abroad.

Modern equipment

Our newly renovated premises comprising offices, computer rooms and a student café (building 325 room 030) are light and attractive with up-to-date equipment. Furthermore, we are proud to introduce the newly modernized PowerLabDK facilities for research and educational purposes.

Academic and social arrangements
We seek to add as much as possible to the daily study life. Therfore, we arrange excursions and company visits, we offer projects in collaboration with industrial companies, and we host Power Events where researchers from both Denmark and abroad can present their latest research and development results.

...and a student café!
There are also activities at Campus after (or in-between) classes. You may visit the café for lunch, coffee breaks, Friday beer, table football, summer parties, or other fun stuff.

All Students Café activities are arranged by CEE students.
Café manager:
Kristian Revsbæk