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The Danish Prime Minister visits EnergyLab Nordhavn

Friday 31 Jan 20
by Jeanette Irene Nielsen


Jacob Østergaard
Professor, Head of Division
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Jeanette Irene Nielsen
Senior Executive Officer
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About EnergyLab Nordhavn

The partners behind EnergyLab Nordhavn comprise DTU, City of Copenhagen, CPH City & Port Development, HOFOR, Radius, ABB, COWI, Danfoss, Nerve Smart Systems, METRO THERM, Glen Dimplex, and the PowerLabDK facilities. The project is supported by EUDP, runs from 2015-2019, and is headed by Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Electrical Engineering.

EnergyLab Nordhavn is a four-year project aimed at developing the energy solutions of the future. The project uses Nordhavn as a living urban laboratory to demonstrate how electricity, heating, energy-efficient solutions, and electrical transport can be incorporated into an intelligent, flexible and optimized energy system.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen today met with Prime Minster of Latvia, Arturs Karinš in EnergyLab Nordhavns showroom.

Following a short introduction to the project results and a discussion of what potentials, the results from the project hold for the green transition the two Prime Ministers went on a guided tour around Nordhavn to learn more about a few selected demonstrations from the project.

“Today is a great day for EnergyLab Nordhavn. Over the past four years, all project partners have worked intensively to develop the solutions that will accelerate the green transition. The fact that the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen chooses EnergyLab Nordhavn to display Danish energy solutions underlines the importance of the project and not least the results”, says Professor Jacob Østergaard, part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn Steering Committee and head of Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Elektro.

Among the topics discussed was the need for data. Jacob Østergaard explained how data is important when creating the solutions needed to develop the future energy system. Jacob mentioned that as part of some of the demonstrations in Nordhavn one apartment has for instance 2000 sensors installed measuring heat and CO2 levels. When asked how all that data from the sensors are used Jacob clarified that is was to gain knowledge of consumer behavior and that going forward this is not a requirement for future apartments and houses but only necessary for when designing the solutions.

Another topic that came up was the need for test zones when developing and demonstrating new technologies and solutions. In the future test zones like the living lab in Nordhavn will be key for developing new green business models benefitting the green transition.

A Danish showcase of sustainable energy technology

Looking at the number of people who have visited EnergyLab Nordhavn during the past more than four years there is no doubt that the EnergyLab Nordhavn project has made an impact.

“For the last four years there has been a tremendous interest from the outside world in the solutions we have developed in EnergyLab Nordhavn. From the research side it has also been quite unique to see how several of the solutions have been implemented in other parts of Copenhagen and over time can be scaled to major cities all over the world”, says Jacob Østergaard.

CPH City & Port Development is responsible for developing Nordhavn as a new and sustainable neighborhood and is one of the EnergyLab Nordhavn partners.

“Due to the partnership in EnergyLab Nordhavn, a large number of climate solutions have been tested with great success in a real urban environment in Nordhavn. The knowledge gained from the project, I am sure, can be used in the future to create even more sustainable cities - both in Denmark and internationally”, says Anne Skovbro, CEO, CPH City & Port Development.

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