Mission and vision

Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) addresses one of the major and most important challenges of our modern society, as we support the ongoing transformation of the energy system by developing a range of new technologies and solutions as well as the underlying new knowledge, theory and methods.

Mission // what we do

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge research, education, and innovation to meet the future needs of society regarding a reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable energy system based on renewable energy.

Vision // what we want to be
Our vision is to be internationally known and recognized for our forefront and world-class research and scientific, societal and industrial impact.

Ambitions // what we aim towards

At Center for Electric Power and Energy we aim to influence the way energy is produced, exchanged, and consumed across Europe, and to impact European grid planning and operational practices. We want to be a source of inspiration and novelty in the power and energy scientific community, and to be the dynamo of a rising Danish global strength position within digital energy solutions.

Strategic objectives

1. International position
CEE will be a leading university group in Europe within 3-5 relevant key areas of electric power and energy with high degree of international collaboration.

2. Sustainable growth
CEE will meet the increasing needs for research, education, and innovation of society within electric power and energy by a sustainable 50% growth in quality and capacity within the strategy period.

3. Excellence in collaboration
CEE will deliver highly satisfactory results for our sponsors and collaboration partners; through high standards and excellence in collaboration.

4. More education
CEE will graduate 100 top-quality, future-proof, and research-based engineers per year at all levels to address the increasing need for professionals and strong researchers within electric power and energy.

5. Balanced research profile
CEE will have a well-balanced portfolio of methodological research and applied research with high relevance and impact.

6. Dynamo for innovation
CEE will be a dynamo for exploiting the substantial Danish research-based innovation potential within electric power and energy technologies, including smart grid and smart energy solutions.

7. Strong organization and workplace
CEE will be a strong centre well-anchored within the department and DTU with priority to a healthy economy, internal coherence and a strong centre identity.

Øresund vindmøller, Photo: Torben Nielsen

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18 JULY 2018