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Consumers, services and business models

The electric power sector is evolving very fast - not only due to the large-scale and rapid deployment of renewable energy generation capacities, but also due to a wealth of new actors and technology enablers related to metering, control and market solutions. Importantly in Europe, the "Clean energy for all" package is to translate to increased focus on the role of prosumers, energy communities, and possibly other new actors that contribute to energy markets and system operation. 

As a consequence, new business models are to be thought of for all actors of the electric power sector: from traditional generation companies that have to find new revenue streams, divert investment, etc. to consumers that will face a different approach to their own electric energy consumption. Producers of renewable energy are also in focus as they already today may be able to support system operation with the provision of system services.

In that context, part of our research focuses on proposals for innovative frameworks to analyse and validate novel business models that are considering new relationships between consumers, retailers, and system operators. In addition, emphasis is placed on the design of electricity offering and procurement strategies on multiple markets, and on the the development of dedicated market solutions for energy communities and for demand response.

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Selected examples:

The Energy Collective Project, Svalin co-housing complex
A proposal for future costumer-centric electricity markets.
EnergyLab Nordhavn

Smart flexible buildings that enable active prosumers and user benefits.

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