Visit from Israel at the Center for Electric Power and Energy to strengthen collaboration within the area of smart grid

Wednesday 11 Jun 14
The Israeli guests gave two presentations introducing MSS models

At the beginning of June 2014 the CEE ELMA Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering had invited three Israel scholars – Anatoly Lisnianski, Ilia Frenkel and Lev Khvatskin – to give two presentations introducing multi-state system (MSS) models. MSS models are widely used to evaluate reliability of real-life power systems that can perform their tasks with various performance levels. This model is more accurate than the conventional binary state model (failure and success) and widely used by the regional transmission organization PJM in the US as well as in Canada and Israel. It also has wide application for the reliability and security applications of renewable energy systems with stochastic performance, such as wind and solar. The presentations are associated with a network project between Israel and Denmark, which aims at enhancing the collaboration between Denmark and Israel within the research area of reliability and security assessment of smart grid.

Dr. Anatoly Lisnianski is a world-famous expert within this area. He has worked in the Israel Electric Corporation Ltd (planning department) for more than twenty years. He has published two books – including the first book in this area – and more than 100 papers in system reliability and security.

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