Successful closing conference of the EcoGrid EU demo project at DTU Lyngby

Tuesday 22 Sep 15


Jacob Østergaard
Professor, Head of Division
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 35 01
On Tuesday September 15th the final EcoGrid EU results were presented at the EcoGrid EU closing conference. Over 160 people attended the conference at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby to hear about the experiences from the EcoGrid EU demonstration project, which has come to an end after four and a half year.

“Despite of challenges and steep learning curve along the road, the results of the demonstration are very satisfying” said Per Lund, (the Danish Transmission System Operator). He was responsible for the overall evaluation of the demonstration project.

The project coordinator Ove Grande from Sintef Energy Research was happy with the final results. He was also proud of the recognition the project has received such as the international nomination to the `Sustainia award´ for the best ICT solution (2012) and the `Honourable Mentioned´ prize (ISGAN/GSGF) for consumer engagement on Bornholm (2014)”.

Maja Bendtsen, Østkraft referred to the final customer survey where 70% of the respondents (900 households) gave a positive rating to the overall EcoGrid EU project and that almost 80% would like to participate again in a project such as EcoGrid EU.

Georgios Giannopoulos, ELIA, (System Operator in Belgium) was responsible for the EcoGrid EU Roadmap and the recommendations to policy makers: “We need incentives for more efficient operation, this will improve utilization of the assets and postpone investments. Innovation is likely to result in more sophisticated and efficient operation. Smart network tariff structures should incentivize active consumers and system needs and cost of energy should be better communicated and understood by all stakeholders”.

Jacob Østergaard, Professor and Head of Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) was also very pleased with the results, and particularly happy to host part of the event in the new Agora building with PowerLab’s state-of-the-art research facilities that has been used in Ecogrid EU as well as in other large-scale experiments, scientific work, tests and demonstrations. “We see a grand potential for further research activities, industrial tests and education purposes and hope that many different users will take great use of the Agora building, concludes Jacob Østergaard.

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